BT Or Plusnet Anytime and Broadband

  SURVEY 19:27 14 Sep 2012

My Anytime and Broadband contrcat with BT expires in the next couple of months. I have been thinking of changing to Plusnet but have read some pretty dire reports of problems,arrogance and poor technical knowledge with Plusnet. They seem very good on pre-sales but afterwards....

My broadband seems to drop from an already miserable 3MB down to 1.9 every 6 months or so but BT do manage to fairly quickly and efficiently sort it and get it back up to 3MB. Our exchange is BT only and of course Plusnet is a subsidiary of BT but I do wonder if for the sake of an extra £10 month I would be better staying with the devil I know!

  woodchip 19:35 14 Sep 2012

I thought that Plusnet was linked to TalkTalk and still do

  woodchip 19:47 14 Sep 2012

You was right it is BT owned

  rdave13 19:52 14 Sep 2012

Plusnet is owned by BT but you wouldn't think so. I have had the best service yet from this ISP. I suggest you try them on a monthly contract. I don't think you'll regret it.

  Nosmas 20:15 14 Sep 2012

I have been with Plusnet now for over nine years, and cannot speak too highly of their politeness and desire to help with any problems that may arise. They are as you state, a subsidiary of BT, but they seem to be allowed to follow their own business strategies. They are also my telephone service providers, and of course they have to liaise with BT Openreach when dealing with problems such as line faults. If anything, it is Openreach who sometimes need a 'push' to get cracking on the necessary repairs.

I do sometimes suffer a degradation in speed, but Plusnet are often able to 'do something' at their end to improve matters. Some months ago my speed was horribly low at around less than 2 Mbps but after announcing they were endeavouring to improve matters, Plusnet(and/or BT) did just that and I now generally get around 5.6Mbps. Hopefully at the end of the year even better speeds when our exchange is due to 'go live' with fibre.

Hope the above helps.

  rdave13 20:37 14 Sep 2012

It's true buteman and line rentals.

  rdave13 20:39 14 Sep 2012
  TonyV 20:51 14 Sep 2012


Have been with PlusNet for a goodly number of years now and have to say that their service is superb. There product is pretty good too. I rarely get any breakdowns and if help is needed they are always there with some one who can be readily understood.

They have just increased their pricing structure, but to me it is still good value for money. My speed is 5775Mbps or there abouts, but then again I am in the West Somerset area and we are probably way behind getting updated exchanges!! I have BB and Anytime calls for the UK.

Would thoroughly recommend them.


  SURVEY 09:25 15 Sep 2012

TonyV - We can only dream of your speeds in our village! My 3Mb is brilliant here where many are getting 0.5 or nothing!!

  wiz-king 12:17 15 Sep 2012

I would do some detective work first. Check to see if BT Infinity is coming to your area in the next year, as it is worth upgrading to if you can get it. Check you exchange to see if you have any LLU services available and check them against your phone number/postcode and see what seed they think they can supply.

  wiz-king 12:19 15 Sep 2012

seed has lost it's 'p'! = speed

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