BT Openzone

  collinsc 17:44 19 May 2011

Hi When my laptop is unable to connect to the SKY network it automatically tries to send me to the BT Openzone network (and i assume get me to sign up!). Can i stop this from happening?

Also, can i remove all other networks from the list? I will only ever use my network in my area.


  collinsc 17:44 19 May 2011


  mgmcc 20:24 19 May 2011

Your Laptop should list all of the Available Wireless Networks, but it shouldn't try to connect automatically to any other than your own. When you first connected to your own network (router), a 'profile' will have been saved so that future connections are automatic. If you've never connected to the BT Openzone network, and thus saved a 'profile' for it, the Laptop shouldn't try to connect to it.

Check the list of wireless networks that Windows has saved and, if necessary, delete the one for BT Openzone.

  collinsc 20:47 19 May 2011

Found it, thanks, BTFON was there, but i definitley didnt add it. Resolved.

  birdface 12:30 20 May 2011

As this thread is resolved I can ask this question.

My Contract with Virgin Media may be about to be terminated shortly.

Now trying to fix my Granddaughters computer her wireless connection kept trying to go into BT Openzone.

So just posing the question is BT Openzone available for all, and what type of download speeds are we talking about,And is there a limit to how much you can use.And of course how much it costs.

Is it only open to mobile phone users or anyone.

  daz60 13:42 20 May 2011

link text Info here. I used it myself quite a while back,don't know if it has improved but i found it very frustrating with the connection failing constantly.

  birdface 14:13 20 May 2011


Ok thanks for that having a quick look round I think I will give it a miss

Just thought that maybe it could come in handy.

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