BT to NTL? Can I use the same modem/router?

  notoriousmagik 19:48 28 Apr 2005

Hey there,
Just a quick question because Tiny charge £1 a min for this, i'm living with my mother (who has a BT line) at the moment and am moving into a flat in a while which has an NTL connection. Now can I use a wi-fi modem-router for both the BT and NTL lines? Or would it simpler just to use the existing modem and just purchase a router by it self.

Also Argos (I know, but its cheap) are selling a US Robotics starter kit with 802.11g cat no. 676/7402 P. 503 (no model no. supplied). Has anybody used one of these and can give me an opion on it? Because I don't want to be wasting money.

Any help would make me happy. Matt.

  Forum Editor 23:36 28 Apr 2005

via a standard telephone wall socket, and have an ADSL service then yes, you can use the same modem/router combination, regardless of telecoms provider.

I have no personal knowledge of the USR starter kit, so I can't help you on that, other than to say that USR hardware is generally of good quality.

  mgmcc 15:43 29 Apr 2005

Assuming that the "NTL connection" is ADSL (because they supply both ADSL and Cable broadband), I would strongly recommend that you get a combined Router/ADSL Modem. Using a "stand alone" router and separate ADSL modem that supports an ethernet connection can be very problematical to get working. A USB modem cannot be used with a router.

The USR Wireless Starter Kit offered by Argos states that an ADSL modem is required, so I would avoid that and go instead for the Belkin model immediately above it which is a combined Router/ADSL modem. The USB 802.11g USB adapter beside it is a neat little solution - I bought one earlier this week and it was a dawdle to install and get connected to my router.

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