BT Net protect Plus problems

  mtarfa 16:35 21 Jun 2009

I had a copy of BT Net protect Plus on my computer. I received a message telling me that I was not protected and that the program (Mcafee) needed to be fixed. I was unable to do this and so decided to reinstall the program. Here I encountered problems, I was told that active scripting needed enabling (which it didn’t), however, I re-enabled this. I still had problems reloading the program and was unable to do so. After agreeing to the terms and getting up the page with the registration number and the download button I encounter a page telling me that the program cannot load the web page and suggests that I might not be on-line, which I am. At the same time I have had trouble loading and running Spybot, which I wanted to do just in case there was a problem and also, I am unable to create a restore point or restore the computer back to an earlier time. In fact no restore point has been made automatically for about 10 days. When I search on the web I am redirected to totally different web pages to what I was looking for. I am using XP. Anybody got any ideas?

  Technotiger 17:08 21 Jun 2009

Try starting in Safe Mode, then try to run all your Anti-everything programs.

  rawprawn 17:09 21 Jun 2009

Download & update click here then boot in safe mode and do a full scan. I'm not sure but you could be harbouring a nasty.

  rawprawn 17:09 21 Jun 2009

Great minds?

  Technotiger 17:15 21 Jun 2009


  mtarfa 21:08 21 Jun 2009

I agree with rawprawn, however I am unable to get into Safe Mode, I see it zip past as the screen then asks what i want windows to start with and gives a choice of removable drives etc. Whatever I choose then sets windows off into its normal load. Question is, how else can i get into safe mode to run the antivirus tools etc.

  rawprawn 10:09 22 Jun 2009

It should bring up a black window with white writing offering a choice of Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking, Start Windows Normally etc
Sorry to ask but are you tapping F8 when booting to get into Safe Mode?

  mtarfa 14:22 22 Jun 2009

What actually happens is that Safe Mode etc. appears but almost imediately it goes and a new window appears asking me to chose a device to start windows either 1 1/2 floppy or a choice of 3 iems of RAM. I keep F8 depressed when the machine is booting up. Should I be tapping F8 then?
Sorry to sound like a dummy!

  Technotiger 14:58 22 Jun 2009

You should be tapping F8.

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