BT Midband questions

  fi-fi-007 19:55 02 Jul 2005

I have a few questions about BT Midband which I was wondering if anyone on here can help with.

I am outwith the range to get Broadband through my phone line – we did have a wireless system put into our village but that is not working at the moment and all indications are that the company are going to pull out as they are having so many problems. This means I am back to using a dial up connection which is driving me mad.

From looking at the BT website Midband might be an option for us but I have some queries which I am wondering if anyone can help with (I have tried searching on here for the same info but could not find the answers)

We have 2 PC’s which were setup as a network thought a router when BB was working – currently they are just connected straight together so I can share the dial up connection.

1) Is there anyway to get email using outlook without paying extra for a ISP as well as the subscription to BT? I am not wanting to just use hotmail or another web based email.
2) I know the BT website says 2 PC’s can share the connection but does that mean that I can have the ‘service’ coming into a router to be shared or do I have to run it through one pc?
3) Is the gain in speed really worth the extra money?? I tend not to download stuff that much – just surfing the net etc.
4) Does anyone know of any other solutions?????


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