BT Midband

  Phil930 05:12 07 Jun 2004

Unfortunately i am unable to get broadband and have no cable service in my area. Whats so frustrating is i am within 100 metres of having broadband.

Currently we use dial up and everyone here knows just how slow it is.

I want to go to midband, mainly for downloads such as drivers or music (legally). I want to know what kind of experiences people have had with BT midband?

Tell me about the speed, does it always default to 64k or can you set it to always surf at 128k? what kind of download speeds to you get from various sites (any examples greatly appreciated).

Its such a frustrating situation, maybe i'll just move house!

  Phil930 19:39 07 Jun 2004


  Graham ® 20:16 07 Jun 2004

From the horses mouth!

click here

  Mister Splendid 21:06 07 Jun 2004

I used BT Midband before adsl became available here. I found it worked very well and was very reliable. It always defaults to 64K on connection but responds quickly when you start a download and the delay before upping the connection to 128K is adjustable. You can also set it so that it has to ask permission before returning to 64K.

  end 21:13 07 Jun 2004

umm. am I " out of line " , or wrongly informed, there not such a thing as satelite technology that will do this for you??????...somone has posted something about it, I"m sure......

  Mister Splendid 21:23 07 Jun 2004

Satellite is ridiculously expensive.

  end 23:22 07 Jun 2004

yeys... but it IS an option.....

silly question, is you phone connected?????

  Phil930 00:20 08 Jun 2004

how is my phone connected? i am not to sure how to answer this. we just have a regular phone cable hooked into the phone socket on the wall. what do you mean by how is it connected?

I would consider satelitte, i just can't find any providers for it. can anyone get me started here?

  Graham ® 10:22 08 Jun 2004

Here you go:

click here

  Quiller. 13:34 08 Jun 2004

Here is another solution. Only problem is it needs 15 people to here

It was in a post click here

Download transfer rates can be a 100 times faster than dial up. 400Kbps+ but generally settle in the 150 to 250Kbps range. click here, it also outperforms some of it's rivals click here

Upload speed is also done through the same system and does not require it to be done through a telephone line, with most satellite and is rated 512Kbps upload.

Cost is £150 installation and then £29.99 a month with no download restrictions.

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