BT Master Socket Problem

  georgemac © 07:28 01 Jul 2007

A friend recently had their master socket (BT NTE5) replaced after lightning damage. There are 2 extensions wired off the faceplate, but the new router (also fried by lightning) would not work on one of the extensions, but was working on the master socket.

Anyway, removed the faceplate on the master socket to check the extension wiring, which is OK, and refitted the faceplate and the ADSL signal is not working at the master socket. It appears that the socket in the master has become loose, and the plug on the faceplate is not making a good connection with it. If I plug the splitter box cable directly to the socket on the master behind the faceplate, the ADSL signal is OK, but to get this you need to wiggle the plug about until it clicks in place.

I think therefore the master socket is faulty, but know if we call out BT and they say no we are looking at a £200 charge. I aslo think that only BT personnel should change a master socket, although it would not appear to be a difficult task, 2 wires only to connect and I have a proper punch down tool for the extension wiring, but it seems BT only will supply NTE5 sockets?

Any advice on how to proceed?

Just now the router is working in the socket behind the faceplate, but none of the telephone extensions are working (the router would not pick up the ADSL signal on any of these either).

  2neat 07:44 01 Jul 2007

I had connection probs with master skt. I ended up wiring extension sockets directly from the two wires on the back.
You must be able to purchase a new master socket from somewhere!

  BT 08:02 01 Jul 2007

Try Maplins they have several available

click here

  georgemac © 08:28 01 Jul 2007

Thanks, I am aware you can buy master telephone sockets, but not the NTE5 type sockets, I think if the socket is to be replaced it should be replaced with one of these or BT would not be happy if there were problems in the future if their socket had been replaced.

2neat click here the extensions should not be wired directly from the 2 incoming cables, although it is working for you I guess, you have bypassed the test resistor and the capacitor but I don't know what difference this makes.

  Lettervanman 09:22 01 Jul 2007

click here

You are correct in that only BT are supposed to fit these,but you could say it was there when you bought the house!

  Lettervanman 09:25 01 Jul 2007

Also click on the "HERE" in the instructions on that page.

  georgemac © 09:47 01 Jul 2007

thanks, reading the last link looks like the only option is to call out BT, If I disconnect the extension wiring, refit the faceplate and prove that ADSL is not working through the master socket then that means the master socket must be faulty? It is OK for voice though.

The charges for calling out BT are astronomical?

  Pine Man 10:03 01 Jul 2007

I called BT about exactly the same thing and was told it would cost about £90. When I queried this I was told it was due to the minimum time that they could charge for BUT the chap I was speaking to said 'I am not allowed to say this, but it's not rocket science fitting a new socket and they are readily available'!

He was right, they are, I did.

If BT ever need to set foot in my house, which they haven't for at least 20 years, I'll worry about the 'foreign' master socket then!

  Spark6 11:17 01 Jul 2007

Like you, I'll be concerned when the time comes.

An observation, what is the position when another broadband supplier takes over the line from BT? Are they responsible for maintenance of the line and socket?

  Stuartli 11:21 01 Jul 2007

You can buy BT NTE5 Master Sockets for just over a fiver from:

click here

  2neat 23:21 01 Jul 2007

Thx for the link. Will buy new skt & do the job right.

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