BT mail problems

  luggs48 20:05 25 May 2011

Hi all any help appriciated ? I have been using Microsoft Outlook for years to read my mail .I recently upgraded from office 2007 to 2010 , just before I upgraded I noticed I was getting problems accessing my BT mail it kept prompting me too put my correct username and password in ? Iam absolutly certain my details are correct. Ironically I use BTyahho as my homepage which has email access,and my email username and password works fine on BT Yahoo homepage. I even logged out of the homepage to see if it was conflicting with Outlook still the same prompt ? I rang BT help who remote accessed my machine and I thought this would be the end of this but again problem persisted . Another irony of this out of the blue it will suddenly work as it is at the moment no change of settings etc done by me then next day off again it has been like this for at least a month.

Iam running Windows 7 Pro I5 processor 8 gig memory .


  Taff™ 21:11 25 May 2011

It sounds like a corrupt e-mail account. suggest you delete the account and set it up from scratch. then, if the problem persists I would think it`s a BT intermittent problem. I will ask a few of my BT customers if they are experiencing the same at the moment.

Meanwhile other forum members with BT may like to comment.

  wee eddie 21:59 25 May 2011

Not me, but I'm with Openworld and Outlook XP 2002, positively antediluvian, but clearing my cookies has sometimes helped in the past ~ CCleaner

  luggs48 22:00 25 May 2011

Hi thanks for the prompt reply , The reason of this post was most of all was to find out if this was a BT problem or was something to do with my account etc. I have changed my password on several occasions and still the problem persists. Any help appriciated thanks again.

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