BT line help , what a nighmare !

  Dirtbag 18:15 28 Sep 2007

Arragh, I was with virgin media 4meg, and I decided I wanted to go back to Pipex as my new home did not have a bt line at the time, so ntl it had to be.

After BT finally installed the line I noticed that the tone was very low so low that I could not hear anybody and I had to put loud speaker on,also I can hear muffled convosations in the background, they installed it by my front door, my pc is upstairs,so I purchased a good qulity extenstion leed which ran upstairs through the ceiling around 6 metres (10 metre cable). The schoolboy error was after all the faffing about I drilled the box onto the wall and connected that my dsl light on my 205 voyger did not stay static so I had to undo the whole lot. I dragged my pc downstairs just the base unit and keyboard and plugged the modem lead directly into the socket and it worked, so I found some old phones took the phone leads out , cut the ends off and crimpled them together to form a 6 metre phone modem cable so it runs from the socket through the ceiling into the voyger, it worked, however my internet speed was very slow and STILL low voice volume on the phones, and yes I tried other phones with out the adsl connected.

So as it stands my issues are

I have a line downstairs that can only manage 2.5meg and connects at 512.
I cannot put any sort of extension socket as the dsl will not fire up
The phone volume is so low, too low.

I have called out an engneer to look at this.
I am 500 yards from exchange, and the phoneline was dead for three days last week where an engineer had to sort it !!

Any ideas anyone of what the problem is or am i just *!@: out of luck ?


  irishrapter 19:06 28 Sep 2007

The low phone volume does not seem right, what did the engineer do to fix this? (If anything.)

You are only left with two options:

1. Put the router / modem into the master socket and run an ethernet cable to the computer.

2. Same as above, place router / modem at the master socket and go wireless if possible.

  Dirtbag 19:19 28 Sep 2007

When it was 1st put in (without adsl enabled) the phoneline was low and we could hear muffled talking (maybe from nextdoors line ?) and the volume was very low. Then the adsl went onto it and then the phoneline went complely dead for 3 days I'm no expert but that tells me the line can't handle it ? An engineer came out and did something outside and the line came back, however the line with a botched modem lead made by me works, with the phone volume very low.

All this you already know, but I ordered a 15 metre modem lead and my wife plugged it in through teh ceiling and she has just rung me to say that the dsl is not picking up.

So bascially the line /socket cannnot take long leads either.

I do however have a filtered faceplate, should I try this and replace the bt face on teh master socket ?

  Dipso 00:01 29 Sep 2007

If the voice line sounds muffled it sounds like you have a voice fault, BT need to sort this out as it's likely to be the reason you can't get a decent DSL signal.

Long modem cables aren't recommended especially on marginal lines. irishrapter's suggestions are the best way to go once the voice fault is resolved.

I can't believe the BT eng didn't pick this up if it's so bad...have you tried another phone to be sure.

  irishrapter 00:07 29 Sep 2007

You could try using the filtered face plate and also disconnecting all phones, Sky boxes, faxes etc, and just connect your ADSL device on its own at the master socket and see what speed you are getting then.

I would like to think that being so close to the exchange you should be seeing a very good speed.

The fact that you are still getting a very low voice connection is a bit worrying. How many phones are connected to the line?

A part from a low voice level is there any other noise on the line? A good way of testing this is to pick the phone a press any one number to get rid of the dial tone and simply listen for any noise.

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