BT Line Condensor (DACS??)

  User-6D9C7ECD-6DDA-4B14-9C396D58713D0EC1 17:20 05 Mar 2004

Calling all BT know alls!!!

Apparently i can't get broadband on my line because it has a 'condensor' on it. Has anyone ever heard of a condensor? Is it the same as a DACS??

Any help greatly appreciated.


  [email protected]@m 17:31 05 Mar 2004

Who told you this?

  roygbiv 19:22 05 Mar 2004

for DACS see click here
DACS will be an excuse that BT will use (to their edvantage). I had a DACS on my line and it took alot of complianing to BT, for them to do anything about it. (I rang every other day for 1 month).

Good Luck !!! Alan

Sorry for delay Graham, my great 2 hour commute home!!

It was BT who told me this. When i apply for broadband they test the line and say its fine, and then when they do the survey before installtion it comes back saying there is a condensor on the line and they cant hook me up!!

Funny thing is nobody on the sales desk knows what the damn thing is and they won't let me speak to engineering staff!!! Great customer service!!


  [email protected]@m 19:37 05 Mar 2004

No such thing as a condenser in relation to a phone line. They may be referring to a Line Concentrator. If it is in the exchange, it is easy to rectify the situation. If it is in the street, serving the area, that would be a problem if there wasn't any 'copper network' back to the exchange.

Armed with this information, write to BT (you may have been speaking to someone in India, armed only with a flow chart for their response!) And ask for the Level One manager to contact you.

Cheers Graham,

So you reckon the whole condensor thing is a red herring then? Would a line concentrator make my line looked like it had something like Redcare home alarm running on it or an ISDN line?

Every time i speak with BT ts like banging my head against a wall!!! And the cable in my area is analogue only. So i have a nice new pc to play with and some crappy modem. LOL, God is testing my patience!!

  [email protected]@m 19:58 05 Mar 2004

Have you checked your line with this automated system? If not, do so and tell us what it reports.

click here

It sais everything is ok for 512 service. Though has the standard disclaimer about further test prior to installation. Do you want the funniest bit though? I live in a maissonette, my downstairs neighbour has broadband!!!

When i say this to BT they just shrug their shoulders and come out with the we only have a contract to provide u with voice calls.

  vibrant 20:10 05 Mar 2004

you can find a condensor in most old phones,I do not know about the newer ones.

Graham, lets assume for a moment its a line concentrator in the exchange. How easy would that be to resolve, would i have to pay BT to sort it out or would they do it for customer relations??

Sorry to keep questioning you!!

Ohh and the physical phones in my house are all new vibrant

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