BT landline interference

  bananaz 17:48 26 Jan 2006

Hi all. Ive been having interference problems with my BT landline for the last 3-4 weeks. The issue seems to occur when i switch on my PC eqipment, mainly the BB modem. I did think straight away that the filter may need replacing, which made no improvement at all. So, i have tried the following, but the problem remains: Had the BT line checked & tested twice,
Rewired the extension lead from the main BT jack,
Replaced the filter with 2 new one's, purchased a brand new handset, purchased a new modem/router (BT voyager 2110)& set it up through an ethernet connection, purchased a BT wireless adapter PCI (BT voyager 1040)& set up the wireless connection instead of ethernet (which has now cut out the extension line).
I have used the original set up for approx 2 years, with no problems at all, so i am totally at a loss as to why im having such a nightmare with interference on the handset. help!!! im losing my marbles! The new handset is not a cordless one, although i have tried a cordless handset & the interference is identical.
I am using AOL platinum, XP home SP2.
Can anyone offer me any advice on something else to try pleeeeeeeeeeeze? thanks very much in advance ppl.

  Forum Editor 17:58 26 Jan 2006

I'm having precisely the same problem.

In my case it's the handset on a fax machine that's playing up - I get sporadic interference whenever the broadband router is running on the same line. Like you, I've tried everything I can think of, but nothing has worked.

Let's hope we both get an answer. I suspect that my problem is related to the fax machine - it's new, and when we had the old one everything was fine.

  Methedrine 19:08 26 Jan 2006

If you both live in or around the same area, it could just be an area/exchange specific problem.

  Graham ® 19:30 26 Jan 2006

So this is audible noise when making a phone call? Try disconnecting everything, including Sky and any alarms, plug in a corded phone and dial '2' to break dial tone, and listen.

  Daveboy 20:09 26 Jan 2006

You likeley have a "high resistance" fault on your telephone line, they are not detected by the usual BT test systems.
Symptoms are data hiss on 'phone when modem/router attempts to synchronise. Often the only way to get sync is to actually lift the handset on your phone.
Get your service provider to raise a fault so that a broadband engineer attends your home.

  bananaz 20:13 26 Jan 2006

Its very strange indeed. When the 2 BT engineers came to run some tests on my line, they both did say that my BT exchange (only 500 yards from my home)had undergone some changes, mainly the connections for each line comming into the exchange, had been miniturised (smaller plastic clip-in connectors)& they said that they prefered the older slightly larger conectors as they had a better 'more sound' housing. However, these clips were changed over a few months before my problems started. I am in hampshire if its any help. Another thing i have noticed is that if i disconnect everything from the phone jack & just put the phone directly into the jack, but leave the modem switched on, the problem is still there. Which leads me to believe that the handset is picking up an electrical frequency from another electrical appliance, which in this case seems to be the modem. I really dont understand it because ive never had this interference problem before & have not purchased any new electrical equipment that i may have put nearby to cause the hissing/scratching audio sound through the handset when making or recieving a phone call.
I have also 'unscrewed' the front of the main phone jack & plugged the handset into the second connection point thats hidden inside. This connection, the normal connection & the extension line are all fine, until i turn on the modem.

  Graham ® 20:18 26 Jan 2006

That is certainly a possibility, but it will be better to approach this step by step.

If the broadband is not affected, the ISP will not raise a fault.

  Daveboy 22:40 26 Jan 2006

As you have changed all your components and tested at the "hidden" test socket, and you still suffer from noise, I stand by the line fault. OR potential here for an Exchange modem card fault ( the bit that talks to your modem). I am not familiar with your modem but does it have a diagnostic page you can log in to ? In particular what are the SNR -up & downstream readings ?

  Forum Editor 22:48 26 Jan 2006

and so have BT. The line in question is one of several in my office, and the others are fine. This particular line was one of the first 4000 or so in the country to be converted to ADSL when the service was launched, and the work was done by a veritable clutch of BT engineers - one of whom had the expertise, the others all watched and learned, laptops at the ready.

It's all worked absolutely perfectly ever since......until the dreaded new fax machine came along. The broadband service still is perfect, and so is the phone for 75% of the time.

A pattern has emerged however, and this weekend the fax machine gets it.

  onokeck 23:23 26 Jan 2006

I have had the same problem since going on AOL Gold in Jan 2005. Eventually, after wasting so much time with AOL and BT and changing phones I solved the problem - I only connect the Voyager 105 yellow cable into the filter when I want to go on-line! Okay, maybe this is a "jerry rig" solution, but at least when I'm not on-line we can have a quite and understandable conversation on our phones. When I'm on-line we just don't bother using or answering the phone - not ideal, but what do your expect from BT?? Casey

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