BT infinity Speed gradual deterioration

  Salamander7 19:43 05 Jan 2014

I got BT Infinity in October and had a connection speed of around 37 MBs but over the weeks the connection has got slower so now my speed is barely 32mbs. I understand connection speed can be variable but I seem to be on a downward spira. Anyone got any ideas? I am using the router provided by BT and a network using both wired and wifi connections. When I test the speed I used a wired pc but notice the speed test result is the same whether or not I'm using the wired pc or or a wifi laptop. All machines are Win 7. When I do the speed test I make sure other machines are switched off so the test is to only one machine.

My dealings in the past have revealed BT customer service to be worse than useless so there is no point in asking them. Help.

  Border View 20:37 05 Jan 2014

I got BT Infinity a year ago. When first installed I was getting a speed of 25 that it now down to 17. You don't need tell me about BT Customer services via the telephone. Worse than useless.

BT have not been able to give me a reason for the drop in speed. From research it appears to be because more and more people in the near vicinity have switched to BT. Ergo more users slower speed.

Will be interested to see responses from others.

  Salamander7 00:21 06 Jan 2014

Thank you for your response. I eagerly await replies from others. I wonder if there is anyone out there who has Infinity with a speed that has stayed about the same for a few months or even a year or will it turn out that everyone starts with a decent speed and then it always go down.

Years ago I had BT for standard ADSL broadband and found my speed fluctuated but I was getting around 4mb for my "up to" 8mb connection. I switched to another provider and got a speed of between 6 and 7mbs. The only reason I changed back to BT was the promise of super speed broadband. I am regretting my decision.

  Ian in Northampton 09:49 06 Jan 2014

I know this is entirely unhelpful to your question, but it is perhaps a point worth making. They may not have the fastest speeds (I live in a rural area and only get about 5-6MB - no chance of fibre anywhere near here this millennium)and they may not be the cheapest, but the reason I've stuck with Plus is that their customer service is exemplary. You rarely think about your ISP until things go wrong - but, on the very few occasions I've needed to call on them, Plus's customer support has been responsive and professional.

  Nontek 10:04 06 Jan 2014

I have enjoyed BT Infinity for about 18 months, maybe longer, I have no complaints with my pretty regular 72Mbps. The speed does occasionally go slower but that is normal for any broadband. I do live in a large town though, so if you are in a very Rural area, there-in lies your problem.

  Nontek 10:07 06 Jan 2014

I have just this moment checked my speed - currently 76.85Mbps Download and 18.07 Upload.

And this is a busy Monday morning with most people returning to work today!

  spuds 12:26 06 Jan 2014

I can only suggest that you raise your concerns at a higher level within BT, if you think that you are not getting the right service or support you are seeking.

I use TalkTalk, and after many months of various problems, I went to the very top of the chain of command. Within one hour I received a return email from the CEO, and 24 hours later things changed very rapidly for me, including TalkTalk and BT admitting that there were problems on their side, which they did not or failed to admit previously.

To get to the top and their email contact details, try checking click here

  The Kestrel 14:42 06 Jan 2014

I live on the edge of a town in Hampshire and have had Infinity for nearly two years now. I have a regular downstream speed 37 Mbps (with a BT quoted maximum of 38 Mbps) and a regular upstream speed of 8 Mbps in line with the BT quoted maximum. As far as I am aware I have never had any issues with my speeds.

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