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  Johnallan 12:51 26 Aug 2010

Need help in deciding whether to go with BT Infinity? Currently with f2s using Netgear DG834 v4 router. Quoted upload and download speeds of 2mbs, but speed testers reveal much less. Opening PC Advisor web page for example takes up to 40 sec and I cannot watch any BBC iPlayer stuff without downloading first or any music videos or film trailers.

BT now say I should get 25.8 mbs download and 2mbs upload. This means nothing to me. Will I experience a big improvement?


  timsmith259 16:12 26 Aug 2010

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I dont think so

  Johnallan 17:10 26 Aug 2010

Thanks timsmith. Do you know what download / upload figures I need to be getting to see improvement? I would presume there must be some improvement if BT have now upgraded to fibre-optic?

Again thanks for your response

  Diemmess 18:45 26 Aug 2010

... that you dont seem to have checked what is your possible linespeed.
Whatever your ISP there is a maximum likely speed depending on where you are and the distance to your exchange (with a normal BT line)
Try this check, there are other checks possible as well.
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If the figure you are given is less than promised, you can work it out for yourself what is possible when you sign up with any provider.

Some ISPs tend to under-buy band width and simply cannot support their promised speed.

I changed a couple of years ago fom AOL which had ceased to be of use here, to BT regularly delivers 5900 to their maximum possible of 6500 or 7000 depending on which software I have used to check it

  Johnallan 22:46 26 Aug 2010

Diemmess, thanks. Carried out the check and I am apparently 1.9miles from my exchange linesped quoted is 2mbps.

  Diemmess 12:36 27 Aug 2010

The way I understand it (very much as an enthusiastic plodder rather than one who really knows)confirms that on a good day with everything in your favour 2mbps is sadly the most you can hope for whoever or whatever you pay for a broadband connection.
My experience extends over many years from Dialup to BB with AOL and by horse trading in happier days having good service from an discounted AOL, until they were taken over by a succession of different names.

The service became both poor and at times almost unusable, so I gave BT a chance.

OK they may not be the cheapest but from the day I installed their Home Hub and used I have had a reliable and usable service.
My max line speed is 6.5Mbps and though I pay for 8 Mbps with a cap of 10Gb/month and only have 5.5 to 5.95 at best, at least I can rely on their service.
When the initial 18 months contract ended I was able to argue a new contract at almost 50% less, which is where I am now.

Support was good at the beginning to get the best out of the system, and the software proved splendid to repair a connection that somehow fouled up only a month or so ago.
OK there are many ISPs but now you know what is the maximum you can obtain through your BT line, you can avoid the trap of those ISPs who claim a speed you have no hope of using and expect you to pay their fancy price as well.

  Confab 13:23 27 Aug 2010

The results I get from the BT site says

"According to information provided by BT Wholesale, your telephone line may be able to support a 7.5 Mbps or greater ADSL connection speed"

I acuually get just over 13 Mbps with O2

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May be worth a try

  Johnallan 14:24 27 Aug 2010

Thanks to both of you. I ran another test which says my current download speed is 0.36Mbps and upload is 0.45Mbps. nothing like the speeds you guys are experiencing.


  natdoor 17:21 27 Aug 2010

BT Infinity provides fibre optic connection from the exchange to the local cabinet. So the distance from the cabinet to the residence will determine the limit on transmission speed. The speeds indicated by BT will provide massive improvement even if not fully achieved.

  Diemmess 10:31 29 Aug 2010

Harping back to your initial post.
There is always a lower figure for the actual connection but yours seems abysmal.

How low depends on the actual line hence the need for reliable measurement and reality.

Surely a word with BT first to make sure the "Infinity" possibility is available on your line?

In my neck of the woods there is no gas or cable service and I have to be content with standard BT though as said the connection is about as good as I can expect being only 0.5 miles from the exchange.

12 miles away a business park has paid the cost of installation and now have a really fast fibre optic connection.

  Johnallan 10:12 30 Aug 2010

Sorry folks for not getting back sooner, been away for a couple of days.

Natdoor, many thanks it is what I wanted to hear. I live approx 40m from the cabinet and then a telegraph pole with cable to the home.

Diemmess, thanks also I will get in touch with BT to make sure as Natdoor says that I have got fibre optic to the local cabinet. I had another thought that maybe I have something wrong with my equipment.

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