BT Hub - page cannot be displayed - IP address

  adgesmart 21:21 06 Sep 2006

Having real problems here.
Every time I type in my IP adrress I get 'page cannot be displayed'
I know it's entered correctly (no www. etc) but it still doesn't work.
Maybe it's a firewall problem, but I've switched off my windows firewall and not sure if the hub has a firewall that I can disable?

My main aim is to access BT hub manager to change some settings (get high ID on eMule to be blunt!), I cannot find a way of accessing this as i get 'page cannot be displayed' when I follow the manual.

I'm a bit of a novice I suppose so please bear with me!

Thanks in advance

  STREETWORK 21:45 06 Sep 2006

Check the 'Readme' file located in 'program file\emule.

  STREETWORK 21:45 06 Sep 2006

oh yes here as well

click here

  adgesmart 22:01 06 Sep 2006

Thanks that makes me think it might a firewall problem maybe?...but might help if i provided a bit more info
I had a belkin wireless router and was able to configure this OK for i'm thinking it must be the BT anyone know I disable the BT hub firewall? (bearing in mind my problems in accessing hub manager)

  amateurann 08:54 07 Sep 2006

Are you talking about the new BT Home Hub? Correct me if I am wrong I have only had my hub for a month but if I understand correctly it has a dynamic IP address so it is not fixed changing every time it reconnects. Is that any help? It also does not have an inbuilt firewall. I have the Norton package included as part of option 2. Sorry I don't know anything about emule.

  adgesmart 10:53 07 Sep 2006

Thanks it is the new BT home hub so that does help with the firewall question.
I think I changed the settings so I now have a static IP address...but it was changing every time I connected at first.

Are you able to bring up the hub manager page?
I think if I can get to this then it might solve my problem.

  amateurann 15:37 07 Sep 2006

Sorry for not replying earlier. Had to go to work. I don't really understand a lot about broadband but everything was on the disc supplied. It put an icon on the desktop for Hub Manager and it's under BT Home Hub on the program menu. I'm afraid I'm a fingers crossed and hope for the best person when it comes to computers.

  adgesmart 16:19 07 Sep 2006

OK thanks for your help, the manual said I should have an icon but I didn't...may install it again and hopefully that will do the trick

  agarm11 02:32 09 Sep 2006

Not sure if this applies to you, but you can't access the hub from IE7.0 I spent ages trying to connect to mine from my laptop, and eventually discovered that the problem was I was using IE7.0 and not 6.0

  adgesmart 08:56 09 Sep 2006

Thanks, I'm on IE6.0 but still no luck

  rodriguez 18:16 09 Sep 2006

I have a BT Voyager router and at first, you had to type voyager.home to connect to connect to it, but i don't know if you type anything like that for the hub. But after a while, typing voyager.home wouldn't work and I had to type it's IP. However I usually type the http:// before the IP to make sure it connects. Also make sure you're typing in the right IP as there are 2 - the public and the local one of your router. Your public one will say "page cannot be displayed", but you're router one (which should be should connect to the router's config page. click here and see if the page comes up, if not it could be a faulty hub. There isn't a firewall blocking the config page, as you need the config page to set the firewall up. Also make sure all software ones such as ZoneAlarm or Windows Firewall are turned off just in case.

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