MrSnack 19:26 16 Jun 2009

Hello all ,

First time poster and i am really confused with my problem.

The problem I have is i can be surfing the net and at any particlar time the tab in the browser will say conecting and the blue circle thingy keeps going around. I can wait for ages but it does not connect to the site I wanted to go on even (google). However the weird thing is i can still chat on msn So i gather it not a connection prob. I have had all the line test etc and everthing is ok also a new mircofilter . The only way i get back to browse is to restart the Pc .

As soon as the Pc goes to desktop i can click on Internet Explorer amd i can connect no probs until it happens again.

I'm using Windows Vista 64 Bit
BT Home Hub V 1.0

Do you think is a faulty Router/Modem.

If you need any more deatails please reply

Kind Regards

  Forum Editor 00:10 17 Jun 2009

an Internet Explorer problem, and the cause may be what are called add-ons.

There's an easy way to find out:-

1. Shut down Internet Explorer.

2. Go to 'Start' and click on 'All programs' then on 'Accessories' and finally on 'System tools'

3. Now look for a line that says 'Internet Explorer (no add ons) and click on it.

See if that fixes the problem. If it does, post back here, and we'll go through a procedure which will identify the add-on that's causing the problem.

  MrSnack 14:44 17 Jun 2009

Hello ,

I'm having the same prob regardless running with no add on's .....

  sharpamat 17:06 17 Jun 2009

In some areas what you have said indicates your Hub is working,however the blue circle, is a sign that connection to that web page is a problem

myself i disabled tabs. but BTs own desktop is good. First I presume both your Hub and PC are fully updated

also you have run both spyware and malware scans

To obtain a wider range of replys I would suggest details of connection between Hub and PC
version of internet explorer.unless its Vistas own firewall details of the actual firwall you are useing also any antivirus, malware programs you are running, if other than Vistas own have the originals been disabled.

Clearly you can at times connect, I always use Yahoo as a home page, because its endorsed on BTs installation Disc where as you mention Google

  MrSnack 18:56 17 Jun 2009

how do you disable tabs ?

i'm using vista 64 bit with a BT home hub V 1.0 the first one that came out had it about 1 year and a half.

i'm have ran AVG and spy bot it found trojan.cryplxpack.gen but to be honest i can't belive how that got on there as i have not been to any dodgy sites. that all be cleared up now

i also ran cc cleaner for registeries probs i done everyhing i can in that area i feel.

As for the connection it is a cable connection (ethernet) I had probs on Fire fox and then went to expolere and still getting the same prob ..

I'm on my old machine now as i type and that is XP and had no probs so far

Do you think the hub is outdated not compatilbe with vista 64 ?

or is it that vista 64 bit is buggy still ?

I have spoek to Bt over the last few Days and they have done 3 line test which is all fine.

They are sending me out a New Router so hopefully yhis may help if not it got to be something wrong with vista or a conflict

Can i do a fresh install even tho i have not created a back up disk.

  MrSnack 21:08 17 Jun 2009

Please note this is the message from control pannel under problens and solutions


  sharpamat 08:07 20 Jun 2009

this may be a softwae error or device not correctley installed. a conflict or a virus.

The fact useing your old system, with XP Shows that the HUB is Working, Check your Hub Firmware ( details in your BT desktop Help ) which should have been updated.

To my knowledge Vista 64 bit isnt buggy, I have had no problems apart from a couple of older programs that are not supported.If your new router has not arrived you could reinstall your BT software, but remove all traces of the old program first, plus defrag, and virus, malware check.( do the same when your new hub abd software arrives

I see you mension a fresh install? so presume you are refering to the operating system.
If this is with a Vista OS disc insure you have all the drivers. If its a restore to Factory settings from a recovary folder on your hard drive. Then before anything make those back up discs, ( see your manual )and i prefer to restore from a disc rather that the drive

rember all programs will have to be reinstalled and you will loose all information you have not backed up to disk

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