bt homehub no longer wireless why?

  manpal 00:29 22 Mar 2008

Hi im new to this forum,didn!t realise of the help outthere.My problem is that i have a i have the host computer connected to the hub with ethernet cable,a 2nd computer which is also a desktop connected via wirelessely with a belkin g usb network adaptor,and a toshiba satelite laptop also with wireless technology. Now all these computers were connecting ok 3 months back...but something has happened as they wont connect wirelessely any more? i also have 2 boys with xbox360s with usb wireless network adaptors.NONE of the above connect now wirelessly but did before.however im having to pass the hub around the house so we can plug in using ethernet only wich works on all but not wirelessely can anybody shed any light on this as i would very much like the hub back as it was WIRELESSELY....I READ AND SEARCHED FOR INFOMATION AS I FOUND OUT THAT EACH COMPUTER AND ADAPTOR MUST HAVE THE SAME IP ADDRESS ASSIGNEDTO IT ALSO SO THEY ARE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE.I ALSO TRYED TO GET INTO THE HUBMANAGER BUT I JUST CANT GET IN USING THE URL ADRESS AND ALSO IP ADRESS IN THE BROSER BAR IF ANY BODY KNOWS OR HAS COME ACROSS A SAME PROBLEM OR HOW TO RECTIFY A PROBLEM THEN I WILL BE VERY GRATEFULL!!!!

  gengiscant 07:21 22 Mar 2008

Its possible that somehow wireless has been turned off.
To check this type into your browser, which should be the the default IP address of the hub.Check your wireless settings there.

  rawprawn 07:41 22 Mar 2008

How many lights are on at the top of the hub?

  Technotiger 07:44 22 Mar 2008

Or the BT HomeHub might simply need re-setting, to do this disconnect the Power lead to the Hub, wait ten seconds and then reconnect the Power lead. Then wait till all the lights have settled down, may take a couple of minutes or so. I know there is a reset button on the back of the Hub but I have found that disconnecting for 10 seconds works better - I have the same BT HomeHub.

It looks as if you have pressed Caps Lock by mistake - please be aware that typing in all Capitals is akin to Shouting and is much frowned upon. But enjoy the Forum!

  rawprawn 07:49 22 Mar 2008

What Operating System?

Assuming XP go to Start> Click Network Connections> Right Click the Icon for the network adapter> Click Properties> Select TCP/IP>Click Properties> Select Obtain IP Address Automatically> Click OK Twice

If it's Vista You need Network and Sharing> Manage network connections, then the same as above

  €dstowe 08:05 22 Mar 2008

BT Home Hubs are notorious for being unreliable and/or faulty - which is possibly the reason that so many were given away.

Are you sure the device is still fully operative?

  laurie53 08:42 22 Mar 2008

Thanks for that.

As noted in another thread, I was thinking of changing to BT (from Orange)!

  Technotiger 08:49 22 Mar 2008

The BT HomeHub is IMHO brilliant, never had any problems with mine. I have had other routers which did give problems, but none with my HomeHub. 'Tis the easiest thing in the World to set-up a small home network, ie just one PC and a wireless laptop.

  €dstowe 10:44 22 Mar 2008

There's no requirement to use the Home Hub with a BT setup - you can use any router you want.

My Home hub was OK. My father has had two, both of which failed.

Both of use are back with Netgear routers and through the mains networking.

  rawprawn 11:35 22 Mar 2008

Ditto Technotiger

  mooly 12:18 22 Mar 2008

Agree with Technotiger HomeHub excellent. I see the reset button mentioned a few posts back, well I had a problem, no broadband light on hub ( it was a line fault nothing to do with hub and quickly sorted by B.T. excellent service) however a very helpful person on helpdesk said that the reset button would only work a maximum of 3 times, guess I should have asked what happens then, self destruct mode possibly ? Anyone else heard anything similar.

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