Bt Home Hub phone

  mahalo 19:03 13 Jul 2007

Can anyone help me, I am having a nervous breakdown ! I cannot get my phone to register to the hub, Bt sent a replacement phone, but this one wont register either. I have phoned BT (India) at a cost of £2, I have been online help to India, had five advisors, done alsorts, and still it will not register, Any clues would be most helpful, I will be gratefull to you.

  SANTOS7 19:13 13 Jul 2007

click here

follow thread it may help..

  mahalo 20:14 13 Jul 2007

Been there, done all that and still no joy. Cheers

  Whaty 21:04 14 Jul 2007

mahalo, I'm sorry I can't help with your problem, I had no problems setting up my hub phone, however..... The phone was such a pain I stopped using it after a couple of months. The sound quality was rarely as good as my 'normal' landline phone and the battery life was dire. I'm not a heavy phone user and yet I was lucky to get a couple of days out of a charge, the number of times I picked it up to make a call only to find it had died... Obviously had I kept it stored on the hub all the time this wouldn't have been a problem but in my case, it wasn't really convenient to do that.

Of course, this is only my experience.


  mahalo 16:21 16 Jul 2007

Thank you Whaty, after spending 55 mins on phone and 6 hrs.30 mins, eight different helpers, with our second hub phone we have decided to return it and try to go back to our original tarriff.
The help got from Bt was nothing that we hadn't already tried and they took no notice of the replies I gave, just do this and that. In fact I am going to have to sort out the computer as it is now messed up.Plus we had to pay for the calls while this all happened. Perhaps it's just as well, we make very little calls in the evening, it all came about because Bt said we would get a free phone, and unlimited downlod for £2 a month, as they say "if it's too good to be true etc. etc. " Cheers

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