BT Home Hub or Belkin

  SURVEY 10:02 14 May 2011

I am about to change my ISP from Orange to BT. BT are sending a Home Hub to me but at present I use a Belkin N Router that works satisfactorily. Being N rated I use a compatible N rated Belkin Accessory for my laptop elsewhere in the house. Can anyone tell me if the BT Home Hub is N rated and if I use that will my Belkin N dongle on my laptop be compatible? Is ther any advantage in using the BT Home Hub or should I stick with my present Belkin router and just get the appropriate settings from BT?

  wiz-king 11:41 14 May 2011

Keep the BT one as a spare - then you wont have the bother of having to set it up.

  spuds 12:15 14 May 2011

Perhaps putting a further suggestion for consideration. Some ISP's at times of problems usually refer to routers that they have supplied when resolving service issues. I know my present ISP always asks about the router I use, and states that they give no support facilities to Belkin, and how that product should work on their system.

Recently I had the ISP's own engineer visit, and he refused to install any of my other well known routers, in preference to installing the ISP's supplied replacement.

  SURVEY 15:31 14 May 2011

Thanks for the advice, especially noting that the HomeHub is 'N' rated and my Belkin adaptor will work with this. Still not sure whether to use the Homehub or the Belkin.

  Fingees 16:19 14 May 2011

If you use the BT hub, it will enable you to get BT Vision in the future, if you ever wish, with no problem

  chub_tor 17:01 14 May 2011

I posed this same question a few days ago Click Here and decided to change to the Home Hub for two reasons. 1. As Spuds says if anything goes wrong then BT will want to refer to the settings on their router. 2. One of the ethernet ports for the Home Hub is capable of 1000Mbits/s which matches the capabilites of my motherboard while my current router port is 10/100 Mbits/second and I have my desk top hard wired to the router.

  amonra 11:03 15 May 2011

I have had a ZyXEL router for many years with virtually no problems. About a month ago I changed my ISP to BT who supplied a home hub as part of the deal. I fitted this new router and it worked OK except that it lost contact with the exchange quite frequently, far too often for my liking. I realise I live a fair distance from the exchange, and I dont expect miracles, but I do expect a CONSISTENT service. So I switched back to my old ZyXEL, so far, no more drop outs. Make what you will.........

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