BT Home Hub and online banking security

  newbie2 10:51 28 Apr 2009

Home Hub/Security for online banking

I've just taken delivery of a BT Home Hub "2" and before I install same want to check that I understand all that is involved. My intention is to use an Ethernet cable for my PC and use only this connection for online banking whereas I will use my laptop purely for e-mail and surfing. I have seen that the Home Hub provides WPA and that I should hide my SSID.
I will be running Zone Alarm, Avast, AdAware, Spyware Blocker, Spyware Terminator on both the PC and the laptop.
My question is, have I done enough as possible for security purposes or is there more I should do?

  mgmcc 11:27 28 Apr 2009

If you enable WPA and hide the router's (Hub's) SSID, this will prevent "uninvited guests" from connecting to your wireless network. This has no effect on your "wired" ethernet connection to the PC which is already a secure connection.

I'm not familiar with BT's Hubs, but routers generally also have the option to enable "MAC Address" filtering so that only those network adapters whose MAC addresses have been entered in the router's settings can connect.

To find the MAC address (Media Access Control address) of your network adapter, open a Command Prompt window and run:


then look for the "Physical address", which will be a string of twelve hexadecimal characters in six groups of two.

  ashleycardwell94 00:13 10 Sep 2009

with some new wireless routers you can temporaraly turn off the WIFI for a certain amount of time.

  Rayle 14:35 10 Sep 2009

Ask any questions on the BT Forum click here

But do not install from BT Disc as you not need it as it can cause problems.

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