BT Home Hub - Firewall settings

  matt-few 14:12 14 Jan 2008

I have set up a simple wireless network using my BT Home Hub. My software firewall is part of F-Secure Internet Security. Although a great product and highly recommended, it has limited user intervention. Despite finding out how to change the settings from F/S, it still is difficult to access the other machine.

I am currently using Windows XP firewall. However, I have been told by a friend I may be able to configure my hub to allow traffic from certain 192.168.*.* addresses.

I have phoned BT and spoke to a chap overseas who knew less about the hub than I did.

Can anyone else help?

Many thanks

  brundle 14:15 14 Jan 2008
  brundle 14:22 14 Jan 2008

Allow the range of IP addresses supplied by the hub, I don't know what it defaults to but if you go to your internet connection properties, find out what your machine's IP address is. Enter the first three digits of the address as part of your allowed range, the fourth digit is your actual IP range, set the software to allow 1-253 for example.
Eg if your PC has been allocated, set the range to -

  matt-few 14:39 14 Jan 2008

Thanks brundle. The link above has much more information on it than F-Secure gave me on Saturday. Prior to your second message, I set to to 80 as most of my connections (whether I use a wired connection, the laptop wireless kit or wireless card in laptop), the ip address are all using in the 60's.

Although it didn't work immediately, after leaving both machines for a couple of minutes, everything is working great again.

Thanks again


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