BT Home Hub experience

  MIke 16:42 20 Jun 2007

Thought I'd just let you all know of my experience with the above.

I had a call a couple of weeks ago asking if I'd like to renew my contract for 12 months, at a reduction of £2 per month. Obviously I agreed.

BT rep then informed me my new equipment would be arriving on 18th June, when my new contract was to start. I explained I didn't need new equipment, as I already have a Voyager wireless router which works OK
maybe I should have just listened to the call centre chap who said 'You can leave your new equipment in the box or just put it in the bin!'

Out of curiosity I set up the Home Hub on Monday, to see how it worked, and yes it worked no problems.

Today it has died:

Got up this morning about 8am to find all the lights on it off. I re-booted it and waited and waited, and waited. All it does is flash its lights about 50 times, then goes dead again for about 5 mins, then flashes itss lights again.

According to the manual with it it flashes the lights when its updating its firmware...can take 15 minutes.

Anyway I left it while I went out, came back about 6 hours to find it still dead.

I therefore reset it as suggested in the manual. Again it went through its cycle of flashing lights then dead for 5 mins then flashing lights, then dead again. An hour later still dead.

Having looked on the net lots of people have given up using the hub, because of problems maybe that's why BT are giving them away!!

I just can't be bothered phoning India for support having read about other peoples experiences, maybe that's why I was told I should put it in the bin when I received it!!

If BT had wanted to give me something for free I'd have preferred a credit on my bill, than something else to go to landfill.


  [email protected] 16:54 20 Jun 2007

i have a home hub and option 3, have had since july last year, 5 registered complaints, and 2 threats of legal action, resulting in compensation.
they called me yesterday to offer the same, a reduction on my bill of £75 a month if i extended my contract! at least bt have a sense of humour!
i declined, by the way.

  Dipso 16:57 20 Jun 2007

I just hope it didn't screw up your line during the short period it was connected.

  MIke 16:58 20 Jun 2007

Like I said re-connected my Voyager 2091 and back online no problem. I do get the odd disconnection, and download speeds of about 4 meg which is acceptable for my use.

So I thought I'd put up this post as a warning to others if it ain't broke..... as they say

  €dstowe 17:03 20 Jun 2007

I have a Home Hub - from the days when they charged for them. Never had any problems. Perhaps it's just the new one that are rubbish.

  MIke 17:08 20 Jun 2007

I know people are more likely to sound off if things don't work, that's why I gave it a go, despite having read threads about how bad these things are, numerous replacements, advice from call centre to re-instal the software, even advice to re-install abnti-virus software??

Unfortunately my least it was free... appears to be one destined for the scrap heap.

  MaxUpload 17:19 20 Jun 2007

Got the call yesterday offering the £2 per month reduction in charges and a free hub phone if I were to sign up for a further 18 months contract.

Without the free hub phone[got one!]it was a 12 months contract.

To be honest I installed the home hub about 12 months ago and other than the odd occasion when I have to reboot the thing I have had a trouble-free year.

As you may have guessed I accepted their offer.

Better the devil.......!

  Kate B 17:20 20 Jun 2007

I've set up two Home Hubs for friends recently and I really dislike it as a piece of kit - plasticky and flimsy. But for both friends it seems to work fine.

  MIke 17:22 20 Jun 2007

Mine worked.... for a day....

  MIke 17:45 20 Jun 2007


  postie24 20:14 20 Jun 2007

Set one up a couple of months ago for a friend,all working well up to now.
Agree with Kate B,it isnt of very good build quality,reminds me of an airfix kit.

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