BT Home Hub disconnection every hour

  Revolverocelot08 18:54 21 Nov 2006

Hello, I'm a gamer and therefore I need a stable fast connection. Getting this new hub I thought that my lag and disconnections from servers would disappear. I hooked up through wireless and got playing, my connection was good, BUT.. my internet seems to disconnect every couple of hours or so. I thought this was my wireless so I've spent a long time wireing my computer to the hub, its made no difference, my internet still disconnects at least 4 times a day. And yes its over the 10 day activation.

Of course I've used the customer support, but if I'm honest both the telephone support and the desktop help are a disgrace, the operators are eithier reading out of a book or copy and pasting.

Is the hub designed to check for better signal a few times a day? Is there a way to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

  Dipso 21:03 21 Nov 2006

Where are you connected? The master socket or through an extension? You may need to check your internal telephone wiring for sources of interference.

Post your line stats from click here then

> Broadband Connection
> DSL Connection
> Details

  Revolverocelot08 21:31 21 Nov 2006

My hub use to be downstairs, its now upstairs here with me. Both times the wiring is simply ethernets and microfilters going into the phone line. Also the wires have been completely changed when I brought the hub upstairs, e.g new ethernet cable. No extensions are being used.

Broadband connection details:

Downstream 3,616 Kbps
Upstream 448 Kbps
Connection time 1 day, 4:37:32
Data transmitted 61.20 MB
Data received 125.29 MB

Thanks in advance

  Dipso 22:03 21 Nov 2006

Does it not give your attenuation or SNR?

I suspect your SNR is too low and that's what's causing the disconnections.

Follow this click here to optimize your internal phone wires.

  [email protected] 02:16 22 Nov 2006

had one 5 months, in the early days lost connection every 30 minutes for about 1 second, its settled down to about 6/10 times a day now,6 recorded delivery complaints, endless hours, no days waiting in queues to be told to be patient, in a disgrace, let me know if you have better luck than me!

  Dipso 09:53 22 Nov 2006

You could be experiencing drops due to interference too. Have you checked your internal telephone wiring as per my previous link and what your line stats show just before/after the disconnections? If the fault lies within your home they won't be able to help you.

I see they have a web page dedicated to this now click here I wonder why? ;)

  Whaty 12:03 22 Nov 2006


  [email protected] 12:46 22 Nov 2006

hi, thanks for advise, i did the test socket test very early on and have tried numourous other things and cannot find any problem within my walls, i dont notice the problem.. unless im gaming on line, which is very frustrating, i also work with two people who switched from bt for this very problem (and they live quite close to me) thank you anyway

  Revolverocelot08 18:40 22 Nov 2006

adman 2, I also dont experience my problem unless gaming, i beliebe my internet disconnects for 5 seconds or so then reconnects, which is why I only notice it when im gaming and not browsing the web. I dont believe its my wiring because I've replaced all wires when moving the hub upstairs. Thanks for replys, please keep them coming

  [email protected] 21:52 22 Nov 2006

have now replaced anything in house that could be faulty, it just loses connection for long enough to lose server connection by the time i realise the connections back up, has good and bad days havnt lost it today so far, its a mystery and noone at bt gives a damn, losing a lot of customers i fear

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