BT Home Hub dead within 2 days!?

  mikemike2004 09:05 21 Dec 2006

Dear all,

I have a major problem with my NEW BT Home Hub. I only received it 2 days ago and I set it up as the setup guide says and it was working perfectly fine. I switched off the wireless interface because I connect it to my PC via ethernet.

This morning, while my PC was off, I unplugged the BT Home Hub from the mains and after around 2-3 hours later, I tried to turn it on again. When the power cable was plugged into the Hub, all lights came on but they all go off within 10 seconds. NO LIGHTS COME ON AGAIN.

I am 100% sure the filter is fine, all cables are working properly because I've checked with BT Voyager 150 modem and I can get online as normal.

I rang BT up about it and they told me it was my ethernet card's problem!?!? Surely, even without plugging into my PC, the broadband light should come on!?

P.S. I have also tried resetting the Hub by holding the Wireless Association button on the back of the Hub for 15-20 seconds but no respond!?

Please HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for your kind assistance.


  mikemike2004 09:22 21 Dec 2006

O and also, I tried leaving the BT Home Hub on with Broadband connected to it, there are NO LIGHTS on at all but all LIGHTS comes on every 5-10 minutes and a "tick" noise!?

Please would someone help me because it's only been TWO days!!!

  Ashrich 21:48 21 Dec 2006

Any funny smells coming from it ? Sounds like something has blown , network card wouldn't make any difference , without any other connections it should all light up ...


  mikemike2004 05:29 22 Dec 2006

No funny smell, all it does is that all lights comes on when it starts and then they would go off.

Also, it restarts automatically every 5-10 mins.

YEAh that's what I thought too, LAN card should have nothing to do with the Hub's response to a Broadband connection. Damn BT customer service is damn useless.

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