BT Home Hub

  Border View 17:43 09 Jan 2009

My brother received his BT Home Hub today and followed the installation instructions to the letter.

All of the lights on the hub are steady and non flashing.

He tells me that his laptop and the hub see each other. Problem is when he enters the wireless key number he gets a message that the number is not valid (or words to that effect).

In his letter from BT they say he will be connected anytime up to midnight tonight. I would have thought that if all the lights on the hub were steady there is a connection.

I am not familiar with the BT hub - can anyone please advise.

  Pineman100 17:47 09 Jan 2009

If the encryption key is wrong, he needs to talk to BT.

But yes - if the ADSL light is steady on the hub, then the internet connection should be working.

  Border View 17:48 09 Jan 2009

Thinking about this one - when he first enters the security wireless key number should he be connected by ethernet cable or can he do this wirelessly. Does it matter with a BT hub?

  Border View 17:49 09 Jan 2009

Thanks Pineman100 thats what I though about the internet connection.

  Pineman100 17:50 09 Jan 2009

If the Hub's wi-fi light is lit, then it should be accessible wirelessly.

  Pineman100 17:52 09 Jan 2009

For some BT information click here

  Border View 17:59 09 Jan 2009

Thanks Pineman100. Been on the phone to brother and he has given up for the time being.

Will speak with him tomorrow.

Thanks for your time.

  wjrt 19:38 09 Jan 2009

home hub help
0800 111 4567

  brundle 19:40 09 Jan 2009

You must press the wireless association key on the hub (clearly labelled) before you can add wireless devices. Disconnect wired connection to set up a wireless connection.

  Mad Mick 21:36 09 Jan 2009

Has needs to enable the wireless facility on his laptop. It is easier to set up the wireless facility to the router by ethernet cable in the first place.

  iarno 21:41 09 Jan 2009

Have a look at this.

click here


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