BT Home Hub 1010

  DeeGee 15:22 25 Nov 2006

Some time ago I acquired a BT Home Hub 1010 only to be told that I would have to wait 6-8 weeks for the cordless handset. It duly arrived and after registration and configuration I was unable to make any calls although the handset seemed to work internally after charging the batteries for 16hrs. I reported to the fault to BT who advised me that they would send out another handset in 6-8 weeks. Just arrived and after charging the batteries and going through the registration and configuration it is still not possible to make or receive calls. I have a Binatone MA 760 connected to the hub which works perfectly well. Anyone out there offer me any advice please. BT seem only interested in supplying me with yet another handset. Hub working very satisfactorily.

  [email protected] 16:20 25 Nov 2006

i assume you have registered it with the handshake and holding down the hidden button on the back of the hub?
if so go to click here and try configure and let us know if it says successful

  €dstowe 16:29 25 Nov 2006

BT seems to have got itself in a mess with both Home Hubs and the handsets. I've heard of lots of them not working properly. I don't have the handset but I do have the Hub which, amazingly, works OK although, having said that, I prefer my old Netgear DG384G wireless router.

  DeeGee 17:50 01 Dec 2006

adman 2

Thanks - the hub works perfectly and has done every since it was installed. The handset has been configured as suggested in the set-up handbook. The handset can be customised with name, date, time etc. but the battery indicator shows that the battery is empty even though the batteries have been charged independently. If you enter a phone number and press the green handset button, the phone indicates that it is calling but there is no dial tone and no sound of anything else. It is not possible to connect to anything else including BT help services.

  realist 18:57 01 Dec 2006

Any help here?
click here

  [email protected] 23:03 01 Dec 2006

only problems i get with mine are when the phone light goes out on the hub but even then always get a dialing tone and my battery charges goes all blue after about an hour, all the settings reset every time there is a software update (so dont dare use the alarm, if yours isnt configuring, i guess you better send it back and wait possibly another 3 months for a replacemnt! i mean if you look at it, it hardly looks quality and durable, my 80 year old mother says it reminds her of her first mobile phone and she had that in 1991! says it all, im possibly not the biggest fan of bt to offer advise im afraid,
good luck

  DeeGee 17:19 08 Dec 2006

Thanks for your help - I haven't resolved the problem yet but BT have agreed to send me yet another handset. It is very frustrating because the waiting time is another 6-8 weeks. Wish me luck everbody that this one will work.

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