BT Fusion slow wireless connection

  smbott 13:45 16 Mar 2006

I recently took delivery of the BT Fusion equipment, but the wireless link runs slow.
I've had a wireless network for nearly 3 years using a cheap 11mbs Origo router. This worked fine with my 3 year old laptop with an 80211b wireless card, and with my 2 month old centrino laptop with Intel Wireless Pro 2200bg built in.
If I wire them into the ethernet port they work prefectly at the expected speeds, however both run slowly when used on wireless. If for instance I sit the laptops side by side, one wired and one wireless, then surf the web selecting the same pages at the same time, the wired laptop pages display display immediately, whereas on the wireless one they vary between immediate to timing out. Most of the time the pages take between 5 and 15 seconds to download.
I have the latest drivers for the wireless cards so that's not the problem. I've spoken on a few occasions to BT's 2nd level support and we've tried various things such as - set router to different channels, disabled router security but still the same. I've been testing this wit a setup of both laptops and the router all next to each other on the dining room table to make sure there's a direct line of sight between the units. There are a couple of other wireless router's that I pick up locally, but I have scanned the channels that they are using and made sure that there is no conflict there. I have given the router to a friend to try at his house and it works fine - so the problem it seems appears to be with my environment. I have made sure that all equipment in the house that might affect it, ie cordless phones are off but this has had no effect. Will I be able to resolve this, or am I going to have to abandon it and revery back to my old wireless router that worked fine.
Any help would be appreciated.

  charb0y 18:40 19 Mar 2006

just wandering if you found the solution. having the same problem myself with a d-link wireless router. loads of wireless networks in the area, wandering if this is the reason.

  smbott 11:23 20 Mar 2006

Not yet - I have just received a new Hub from BT and going to give it a try. However, to be honest I don't think it's going to make a difference.

  smbott 10:27 21 Mar 2006

Still the same problem. Yesterday I sat with the available network list showing, and with both my new and old router powered up on the table with the laptop. The signal to the old router was constant, but to the new one the signal was up and down, often searching as it lost it completely.

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