BT- evening surfing

  sunshine65 14:27 27 Aug 2009

For the last few nights, I have not been able to access the net arround 7-9m. I just get the error message, it's ok at other times. Has anyone else got this problm ?, it's so frustrating. Thanks

  Technotiger 14:38 27 Aug 2009

No problems here, I am with BT, in Hampshire. But where are you? and what is the error message?

  RobCharles1981 14:41 27 Aug 2009

In my oppinon BT Broadband is the most dire of an ISP I'm going from what I've heard I'm sure you could do allot better from another ISP?

Can you post your line stats from your BT Hub?

What does Sam Knows Say you can get your exchange?

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  Technotiger 14:43 27 Aug 2009

I have been with BT for many years, IMHO they are Grrreat! I have always had very good service from them - even from the Outpost's in India, in the early days when I had a few teething problems.

  ventanas 14:49 27 Aug 2009

I'm in West Yorkshire and don't seem to have any problems, which makes a change.
Just about the biggest mistake I ever made signing up with BT. The connection is usually ok, or it is since I insisted very angrily that they give me a new hub. They continuously tried to blame my setup for my problems, until they realised I new a heck of a lot more than the person I was talking to did, and finally agreed. Their email service however is a waste of space, at least once a week failing to connect. On most occassions it is necessary to reboot the hub to fix it.

Another problem is that phone they supply always losing contact and have to remove the batteries as it has no on/off switch.
I'm going to give it year, pay whatever it costs, and get rid of them.

Just a thought but have you tried rebooting the hub, it's the bottom button on the right hand side, it might help your connection.

  Cymro. 15:09 27 Aug 2009

I must go with Technotiger on this one as I have been with BT for the last four years and apart from some teething problems to start with that were mostly my fault I am very pleased with the service I get from BT.

  RobCharles1981 15:48 27 Aug 2009

With the service I get with ADSL24 I can't fault it, no LLU providers are in my exchange and I'm about 800 odd meters from the exchange so I get the full 8 Meg.

And I don't want to be tied into anything as ADSL24 and other Enta resellers Carry a One Month Contract, No Port Blocking or Traffic Shaping and you get UK Based Support from Experts.

Paying £19 a month of this its a gem!

  manrow 16:02 27 Aug 2009


I am with Sky suffering the same problems. The exchange is currently run by BT exclusively, and the BT engineer who called to check my broadband out said it is all down to broadband congestion; there are just too many people using the congested broadband lines.

All he measured was the available bandwidth which sits solidly at 7616. That is akin to measuring your electricity voltage which might sit at a voltage of 230, but put any demand on the supply and the voltage is likely to drop.

Unfortunately outside of major cities (and close to the exchange!) we are getting a very substandard broadband service regardless of your supplier. We need more fibre optics providing us with yet more bandwidth; even North Korea leaves us absolutely standing!!

  bremner 16:14 27 Aug 2009

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  sharpamat 17:19 27 Aug 2009

I think the reasons have already been covered. Old exchanges, Old Lines and distance, plus more and more customers. Including many other isps useing bt lines

Then it doesnt matter what option you are useing BT hits the fair use policy and cuts it even further. The latest add will make matters worst UPTO 20 mgs buy only if you pitch a tent on the roof of the exchange.

Dispite being on Option 3 earlier this week I could not even watch a program on my BT Vision on demand service ( dispite paying extra for it )

On contacting BT I was advised by Customer Services the only way to get the advertised speed was cable

Luckley I am out of contract so a switch is no problem. For 10mg broadband, + phone its cheaper than what I am paying and so far I see no sign of alledged fair usage.

  woodchip 17:54 27 Aug 2009

Best Move I made was to TalkTalk

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