BT email won't send

  Quilljar 17:25 27 Sep 2006

It will be a waste of time contacting BT so I am asking here!
Using OE with BTyahoo broadband I have set up a third email address for my son. However, he can receive emails OK but cannot send. (The emails go into the Sent box and we can see them go but they do not arrive at their destinations)
Both my wife and I use this ISP and same connection with no problems. The account options and connections are exactly the same for all three of us, but still my son's emails go but where to?
Can anyone make any suggestions as to what I should check next?

  dth 17:43 27 Sep 2006

Have you completed the sender log-on password boxes?

"My server required authentication'

  Quilljar 18:56 27 Sep 2006

Not sure what this means. Could you elucidate?

  p;3 19:19 27 Sep 2006

open your outlook express program; go to tools/acounts/(find the relevent address)/properties/server and look to the bottom; see if the box for authentication is ticked; and I think you may find them actually stuck in the outbox and not the sent box?

  p;3 19:24 27 Sep 2006

also, what you could try is to send a mail to it (in other words send it a test mail ; that is what some of us do to check our mail programs are working properly; )

  Quilljar 19:33 27 Sep 2006

I have tried all these things. That is the point of my query. I am completely stumped as to why the emails do not arrive. They do end up in the Sent folder. They do appear to go, but....

  ArrGee 19:45 27 Sep 2006

Delete the account that you have setup, and try again.

  Quilljar 19:52 27 Sep 2006

Thanks ArrGee, I guess that bis the best advice so far. I am tired now and will try this tomorrow.

  ArrGee 20:07 27 Sep 2006

I appreciate your reply, but may I just say that the reply does dismiss the help others have submitted.

A simple 'thank you' would be appreciated by those that have attempted to help, for no cost and out of their own consideration.

I hope you do not take this out of context, but appreciate the fact that we are here to help each other.

We may be asking for help from you some day.

Post back if my solution has not worked. I've had the same problem.

  p;3 20:33 27 Sep 2006

of interest, I too had a similar problem with one of my addresses and drove myself and others rather frustrated by my inability to mail ; I had to change a setting in my OE and an outgoing mail address to enable the mails to leave my pc

of interest, have you physically checked the bt server to see if the mails are on there? if you try and mail yourself, see where that mail ends iup ...does it go to the in box on server?

  p;3 20:35 27 Sep 2006

and this is the address for the btyahoo server mails

click here

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