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  Abel 09:02 18 Dec 2011

Can anybody help please? I’ve been with BT for 7 months and until now have had no problems with either Broadband or e-mail, which I use respectively with IE8 and Outlook Express in conjunction with XP Professional. However, in the last few days when I try to download my e-mails, access hesitates at the ‘Authorisation’ stage and then asks me to enter for server POP3, my username and password, which are already there and correct. I can't get beyond this stage, so where do I go from there?


  Abel 09:06 18 Dec 2011

It's just occurred to me that since I am unable to receive e-mail on my existing address could I please ask you to send any replies to [email protected]


  The Old Mod 09:51 18 Dec 2011

I've been with Bt for years, I always use their email not outlook Express, if your system crashes for any reason you don't lose the addresses or saved mail like in OE, I know you can save them but much easier to use BTs own mail system I think, you could give it a try and if you don't like it go back to using OE.

  proudfoot 10:36 18 Dec 2011

You are not alone BT Yahoo Mail is a pain in the backside. I have been with BT for over 2 years now, I use Windows Mail to read my email. We have 5 BT email addresses. it is pot luck if one or a number stall at the Authorisatin stage. It makes no difference if you put the correct settings in the popup window, it seems to be a problem with BT Yahoo Mail. I started a discuussion on the BT Forum about this and no one seemed to know the answer. I suspect the server is overloaded at times. I download what I can and go and do some thing else. With luck 5-10 mins later that address will work.

  Ventad 11:41 18 Dec 2011

You should never put in an email address you might find that the one you put in will be a target for spam

  beynac 12:04 18 Dec 2011

I get this occasionally. It does seem to be a problem with BT's mail server. I just close the Authorisation window and, when I try again, it works OK.

  Abel 08:10 20 Dec 2011

All's now well. I Managed to find the CD which came with the Welcome Pack and let it set me up again.


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