BT Disconnection problems

  Storik 08:51 06 Apr 2005

Firstly, I only have a dialup connection after two unsuccesful attempts at Broadband.

Can anyone please explain why, when I switched my computer on yesterday morning, I could not get on BT/Yahoo internet, because of an invalid password?

It had been fine the night before, but the password was no longer "saved" in Windows, and when typed in, refused to work. I had to change it for the THIRD time. After this, I was constantly disconnected after about a couple of minutes (not even time to read emails).

I am still being disconnected, although I manage to remain on the internet for 10-15 minutes. I really am getting cheesed off.


  Ballie 09:23 06 Apr 2005

I am not sure why your password is invalid but I used to have BT internet (dial up) and the only way I could get it to work properly ie remember the password and stay connected was to delete the BT dialer software and the connection, then go to "network connections" (in win xp) and click start new connection and set it up manually if you have a look in your current BT connection properties you can get all the information you need to do this just write it all down and then fill in the information in the new connection you make.

This has worked for me and my friends but I have to say that I am now on tesco, I find tesco much better than BT.

Also you should run a upto date virus scan to make sure you haven't got any rouge dailers or viruses.

  Graham ® 09:37 06 Apr 2005

I agree with Ballie, you could have a rogue dialer which is racking up your phone bill. Contact BT billing straight away to check.

  Storik 19:49 06 Apr 2005

Ballie: Will try your way, and thanks for the tip.

Graham ®: I don't think it's a rogue dialler - have scanned with two different programs and nothing has turned up. However, I'm unable to get to my billing status to check.

It seems to have improved (fingers crossed) somewhat, but it it happens again - I may just go on pay-as-you-go and only use the internet for shopping.

Thanks again


  BBez 20:17 06 Apr 2005

i lost my bt yahoo! broadband service last night for a few hours, may be fault at bt's end...

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