BT Desktop Help Update

  Diemmess 11:58 08 Feb 2014

BT Internet Mail and Chrome browser,

Have had popups (as title above) appearing at least daily over the last week or so. The aim it seems is to update my BT desktop help. (Possibly Bloatware which I hope I'll never use.)

I had indeed ignored it, but yesterday asked the BT telephone help line if it was BT sourced or something naughty.

The agent I spoke with was really difficult to understand, made worse by the speed with which he delivered advice gleaned from some unseen colleague after two periods leaving me holding on while he enquired.

So when the only advice given was to "Ignore it" I pressed him for more detail.

I asked if this was genuine, (thinking though I did not say bloatware). He persisted in telling me to ignore it. This was getting nowhere so I cancelled, thanked him, and rang off.

BT, so it have seems had bother with Yahoo mail (insecure) and though trying to clean up the act by separating from Yahoo Mail have been sluggish. They've given me the feeling that they are both slow to react and not unduly worried by the half-baked assistance they give ordinary mortals, even though the help is free. The telephone help is recommending any customer with a problem to change their password!

Shall I just update? After all it won't zap any power unless invoked by a needy operator?

  The Kestrel 16:18 09 Feb 2014

I have used the BT Desktop Help since changing my ISP to BT Infinity and downloaded the update recently. I have not had any problems with my internet connections so cannot say how well it might work, but it has certainly not caused any problems. The update seems to have added a few more functions to the previous version.

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