BT deliberately cutting Broadband speeds?

  Alf58 12:58 16 Jun 2007

My "up to 8mbps" BT broadband connection functioned quite happily at 6.4 for around a year. Recently my speed has reduced to 4.5. I am connected directly into the test socket, have no extensions and I live less than 1.4 Kilometres from my local exchange.

I have contacted BT technical help on a number of occasions and no one seems to have any explanation as to what has happeded, they assure me there is no fault. There are rumours floating about in net chatrooms that BT are deliberately slowing down peoples connections so they have sufficient bandwidth for their newly launched broadband television service. Some people reckon my line has suddenly deteriorated and that is why my connection has slowed.

Anyone else heard about BT deliberately slowing people's connections? I'd be interested in people's thoughts.

Oh and before anyone tells me I'm lucky to even get 4mbps cos they only get 0.3 that is not the point: the point is I had a very good speed for a whole year which has recently reduced for no apparent reason and I am disappointed and would like to know the cause.

  MichelleC 13:27 16 Jun 2007

I think all the isp's have cut down speed. The contention rate has probably doubled per server, thus reducing the speeds. It used to to 50 per server for dial-up and much less for adsl but now that's probably the norm for broadband.

  Stuartli 13:31 16 Jun 2007

Dial-up contention rate is/was generally from 1:1 to 10:1 - it's broadband where most ISPs have a 50:1 contention ratio.

  Alf58 13:52 16 Jun 2007

What you say sounds logical MichelleC. I guess the ISPs will keep quiet about the cuts because it doesnt sound good from a marketing perspective. "Up to 8 Meg Broadband but you'll be lucky if you get 3 however close you are to the exchange".

  Zurdo 14:05 16 Jun 2007

Take a look here click here=

  sunny staines 14:08 16 Jun 2007

my bulldogpipex seems slower the last week or two.

  Alf58 14:28 16 Jun 2007

My slow speed is constant, it is not as though it slower in the evenings it is slow all the time. The link from Zurdo talks about being slow in the evenings and some types of traffic being slower than others.

  Mad Mick 14:35 16 Jun 2007

My BT Broadband has slowed down as well. That might be why the BT Broadband test site is showing a "busy" message. Others may be having the same problem and innundating the speed check page.

  Alf58 14:41 16 Jun 2007

Good point Mick. I have noticed the performance tester sight is virtually impossible to use these days. I find I have to use it at about 11.30 at night or early in the morning otherwise it wont work. What speed are you getting now Mick compared to what you used to get?

  TonyV 14:45 16 Jun 2007

I am with BT Broadband, but connect via a dial-up facility. In other words, I am not permanently connected. Up until a few months ago, I was regularly connecting at 7.4 to 7.6, and thought that this was very good. Suddenly, it was reduced to 5.0 to 5.8 with occasional connections made at 6.3. I wrote to BT and asked why they had changed my connection speed with no reference to me. As ever, the answer was a lemon and I could get absolutely no sensible reason from their help desk or their Tech guys who rang. All they came up with after a lot of conversations with people who I had extreme difficulty understanding, was that my line was only good enough to accept 4 to 6!! No answer as to how, if that was the case, had I always been connecting at 7.4 to 7.6. In frustration I gave up and accepted the slower speed. I was going to get nowhere by trying to explain to someone that I had been connecting at 7.4 to 7.6, but could not now!

It's called "service"!! (Or may be "Lack off Service".)


  Alf58 14:48 16 Jun 2007

Yes the BT tech help have been given a mantra which is that you are connected at the speed your line allows. They are incapable of understanding the simple fact that up until recently you were connected at a much quicker speed and all you want to know is why the speed has got slower.

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