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  It's Me 15:07 19 Sep 2003

I don't think that it was a good idea to get mixed up with this den of incompetents.
I am trying to buy copies of 'build you own computer' mentioned on your web site.
I carefully went through the rigmarole of registering with this, and after a few attempts succeeded. Then I attempted to buy the aforesaid articles and was immediately told to wait a minute. After some 10 minutes, and I hasten to add, 4 attempts over 3 days at this with same result,I have got nowhere, and most certainly have not been able to order them.
I would have Emailed but I can find no address. This is just annoying and I would have thought, with all your experience of watching and reporting on BT's mess of Internet work, that you would have had more sense than to use them for a sensitive issue such as sales. So why.

  AndySD 16:56 19 Sep 2003

The forum here is manned by us Volunteers and If you had asked us how to build a pc I am sure you would have been shown. But as to your question I doubt you will recieve an answer.....sorry

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