BT Broadbnd Internet Dropout

  AntJac 19:48 07 Jan 2008

Hello i am new here. Justr would like to wish everyone a happy new year firstly.

Having a really annoying problem with my internet connection. I am on a BT VOyager 2500v. Connected via USB. My net drops out every 30 minutes or so and for some strange reason also logs me out of some websites and forums i visit. I have done a spyware/virus scan and my PC is clean. Can someone please help me with this?

  Crash 21:33 07 Jan 2008

Do you have access to another router/modem to check if the router is faulty?

  AntJac 21:35 07 Jan 2008

I think i do. Unless my father has thrown it away!

  AntJac 21:37 07 Jan 2008

Actually i dont think its faulty as i havd the 2500v for a few years now and its worked fine before. Gone 2 weeks without disconnecting

  Crash 21:39 07 Jan 2008

Could have been interference from christmas lights or something

  AntJac 21:41 07 Jan 2008

No im having problem now. I just meant i have gone 2 weeks before with no trouble. So its not the router.

  Crash 21:50 07 Jan 2008

Is there just the one pc connected to the router?

  Crash 21:52 07 Jan 2008

Try connecting it through ethernet instead of usb in case its your usb port

  AntJac 21:57 07 Jan 2008

Yeah just the one..and how do i connect via ethernet?

  Crash 22:06 07 Jan 2008

Use a cat5 cable. You should have got one with the router click here

  AntJac 22:14 07 Jan 2008

Ah yeah. Ill try that and report back. Thank you for the help.

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