bt broadband - voyager 220v

  Jai 10:00 18 Mar 2006

Just upgraded to B/B basic & the router is showing 4 green lights (power,dsl,usb,bbv) as expected. All seems ok (no idea on speeds yet - it is a hell of a lot faster than dial up!!!). When I click on the desktop icon "router manager" the reply is "unable to connect to router". This did work 2 days ago as I was checking all new programs worked. I have tried 2 on/offs both computer & router. I wonder, is it to do with Spybot & registry changes? Using XP pro;256ram;AMD 2000;80gb H/D; Explorer & O.E. 6.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 11:22 18 Mar 2006

There is a reset button on the back I believe, may be worth a try as a first step.

  dogbreath1 11:35 18 Mar 2006

To access the router configuration manager open your web browser and type click here into the address bar.

  dogbreath1 11:36 18 Mar 2006

To access the router configuration manager open your web browser and type http ://voyager220v.home (exclude the space) into the address bar.

  ACOLYTE 11:47 18 Mar 2006

Interesting setup to get to the manager,does that mean anyone with the same router can accsess your setup with the same addy?,seems a tad insecure if they can.

  hansolman 12:50 18 Mar 2006

I have never got my 220v to work on voice. Broadband works fine and at full speed. BT have sent me 4 now all here boxed up and I've returned to using the 205.

  Jai 08:07 19 Mar 2006

Thanks fellas - tried re-set but have now lost my BBV (note taken from hansolman!!!). Tried the link from dogbreath1, report says all ok but still can't connect to router via icon. Tried a system restore but guess what - didn't work. Thinking of bunging in the CD from BT. I knew this would be a ball ache before we ordered it!!!

  dogbreath1 21:25 22 Mar 2006

It is insecure. I can access and reconfigure my DLink office router (password protected) from home using this method!

  Jai 16:09 25 Mar 2006

Latest news - unistalled & unplugged everything & then re-installed but still no BB voice or connection to router. Tried another system restore to a place I know definitely worked as I have used it twice before. Why does this happen on system restore??? (may do a search on the archive). Time for a phone call to BT. What fun this is - I want to do it every week!!

  Jai 18:05 07 Apr 2006

Further news - BB voice is back on after a phone call but router mgr. still cannot find modem. Instructions given were - go to click here;
log in with phone no. & password; configure; configure again; if page cannot be displayed then web page & click create shortcut;go to icon on desktop; on it then choose properties; in URL line & press home;highlight api.home (only) & change it to;click apply; click ok; The router then clicked & BBV green light came on & tone on the phone changed. Now another phone call about the router mgr. icon!!!!!!!!

  Jai 13:12 30 Dec 2006

Forgot about this post but it is now resolved. How? I don't know. I just left the router mgr alone for a few weeks & when I tried it last week (& today) it is working. Maybe it was a spy attack or something - who knows!!!!

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