Bt Broadband USB Modem - persistant line drop

  ccfchris 16:14 11 Jan 2006

Ok, So here it goes. Over recent months my bt broadband modem drops its connection every few minutes (the modem turns to training mode or it does not recognise that the conection has been lost at all) If anybody can help me in anyway, i would be grateful. Im running on a Dell Dimension 9150, with windows media centre and the modem model which I am using is the "BT Voyager USB ADSL Modem" I have read the forum topic on here:

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which appears very similar to the problems i am expierencing. Im not that technically aware when it comes to computers, so any help/advice would be great cheers

  Diemmess 16:37 11 Jan 2006

The sort of trouble you are having suggests (to me) a poor signal somehow.
Whether it is inadequate or faulty filtering, bad connection, or even a poor BT line?
I would check these before interfering with your present software and the Voyager

  amonra 16:42 11 Jan 2006

How long does the drop-out last ? Will it self-restore after x minutes ? Any tell tale crackling noises on the telephone line ? As Diemmess says, check all external things before messing with settings etc.

  jam_uk 17:06 11 Jan 2006

I had this problem for a couple of months why my ISP tried to fix it. Nothing to do with my PC, filters, internal wiring etc. Was to do with quality of signal sent through. In the end an engineer was called out by my isp to the exchange, he put us on a better line and since then no drops.

Also modem power can be an issue when using a usb modem.

Do you get the drop outs at certain time of the day?

  ccfchris 17:25 11 Jan 2006

Yes it can be inconsistant at times, some days not a problem then others its can be persistant the whole day. Im trying to fix this on behalf of my dad because he doesn't really know what hes doing, I will get him to ring BT and ask for out line to be checked etc.

I have tried switching filters and reinstalled all modem drivers and software but the problem reoccurs.

Dependent on whether or not the dropped connection is recognised. If it goes into training mode, it will restore itself within 1-2 minutes. If the dropped connection is not recognised I have to unplug the modem and re-attach in order for it to work.Oh and theres no crackling on the line which i have noticed.

  spuds 18:09 11 Jan 2006

Is the modem connected direct into the pc,or is it connected via an hub device.

  ccfchris 18:38 11 Jan 2006

Its connected direct to the PC

  madPentium 08:01 12 Jan 2006

Welcome to the club. My connection is just within limits of the allowed distance from the exchange and I can get 1meg connection. However, if the weather changes, the connection goes every few minutes but reconnects. The signal strength is weak due to the distance and there is
no way I can get the new 2meg connection :(
The sooner BT gets optics in the ground, the better.

  Sherwood 11:30 12 Jan 2006

When I first got Tesco broadband I used to lose my connection about 4 p.m. every evening when children came hone from school and logged on. The exchange could not cope with the demand. I kept phoning tesco helpline and they sent the BT broadband engineer. It's been ok for a long time now. I often see BT engineers working at the junction box in my road.

  amonra 12:34 12 Jan 2006

If your dad has a mobile phone, when the trouble occurs again, tell him to call his home phone, leave it ring 5 or 6 times.(dont answer it) The ringing current usually clears a bad connection on the line. It works for me. BT line checks cant always pick up these intermittent faults.

  ccfchris 17:06 12 Jan 2006

Ok thanks for all your help, BT are on to the case now and hopefully it can be resovled. We do live quite a distance from the exchange so that is a possibility.

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