BT Broadband usage

  talyho 12:39 19 Oct 2009

I have recently had emails from BT telling me I have used 7gb of my 10gb allowance on the 16th of the mounth,last mounth it ended at 11gb, I have never been over before, in fact they checked my records and appart from the last 2 mounths it was 6 or 7gb I went on there wireless home hub 2.0 when this all started. I have installed Thinkbroadband ttb meter which only shows 2gb I have used. After ringing BT I am no wiser to this problem I am not doing anything different,has anyone had this problem and can advise me what to do.

  Ventad 12:55 19 Oct 2009

I have not got wireless and somebody else will help, but it looks like your password is not good enough and someone is stealing your allowance

  johndrew 14:11 19 Oct 2009

I`m certain your connection is password protected; isn`t it?

I agree with ventad, change your connection password immediately and use something you can either remember or write it down. A good method of securing your connection is to use about 12 characters and make it alpha-numeric (letters and numbers) but in a random sequence.

  Ventad 15:14 22 Nov 2009

Did you ever sort it out it would be nice to know.

  Muergo 19:40 22 Nov 2009

I have been using Roboform for many years and can thoroughly recommend it , I write down the master password and then that's all I need.
My senile memory is terrible this program takes all the worry away.

I bought a parabolic reflector for £2 incl postage on e-bay, wrap it round your probe and it makes it very directional.

  talyho 09:43 23 Nov 2009

I am sorry I have not replied before to the help supplied to my problem, and thank all for their help.No I have not sorted it as yet in fact the usage is going up now 13 GBs Bt tells me the password supplied is safe, but I will now change it after going away for 3 weeks I will see if somone is using the present one during this time and will let you know.
Thanks all

  gfergie 14:07 21 Aug 2010

I have exactly the same problem. My usage has jumped from 2-3 GB to 11 plus GB per month.
I know I have not used this ammount but talking to BT is like talking to a brick wall.
Can you tell me how to change my connection password.


  Muergo 16:26 21 Aug 2010

I have recently worked out how to use my Nokia smartphone on the web.
I am surprised that there are so many unprotected broadband wireless tranceivers around.

Instead of using my contracted network, if I put the phone to "Manual" with bluetooth on, I can "Tune in" to others circuits all over the place.
I tried it out walking down our local high street.

Is it legal to "piggyback" on someone elses equipment? I did not stay connected for long, but it shows the loopholes out there.

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