Bt Broadband static IP

  User-36122A37-7E28-4C9E-9C3E2E2071A31BBA 22:11 20 Nov 2006

A friend has a BtBusiness Broadband account and they have given him a static ip address and a 2wire 2700HGV router modem. Is it necessary to manually enter the IP address that they have sent him into the router settings or is it automatically set? If it needs to be entered manually does anyone know what the rest of the settings should be Primary/secondary DNS, gateway etc. I can't find any info on BT website at all.
Any help appreciated

  ed-0 13:36 21 Nov 2006

Yes you will have to enter the static IP address. Obtaining it automatically will be of no use.

As far as I can remember, I think the prefered DNS server should be ( the router ). The subnet mask is usually

the default gateway should be the same as the dns server. (or try if the willnot work)

Give those a try, it may go.

It is awhile ago and I may be wrong.

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