BT Broadband - Speed dropped to 1/25th of normal

  Diemmess 16:35 19 Sep 2010

For 24 hrs now I have had to put up with almost dialup speeds.
(XP pro, Home Hub, BT Yahoo browser)

I've tried every bit of BT's online help I could find,
The same sluggishnes on a wireless connected laptop.

Rebooted the Hub both by button and its power supply.

1/2 hr on phone to the sub-continent with a chap trying to help and included BT speedtest where he showed figures close to my own but insisted it was a fast connection and very good, though he dodged the fact that the actual downput speed was very low.

I knew that, but the actual download figure was just over 1Mbps which I cannot repeat for myself in fact it was 369Kbps a few minutes ago.
He promised to phone mid day tomorrow to see how things are!

Is it possible that the Home Hub is failing?
I have a spare having been sent one when I negotiated a better contract a month ago!

  rawprawn 16:37 19 Sep 2010

Try your spare hub, my speed is very good and consistant. It may be a problem at your local exchange, are your telephones OK?

  rawprawn 16:41 19 Sep 2010

I get 6752Kbps at the moment on 8MB Max.

  Diemmess 16:58 19 Sep 2010

Yes, My speeds were roughly
Contract 8Gbps
Max possible from my phone connection 6.5Gbps
Actual for over 20 months 4.5G - 6.04G

Is it possible the Hub is failing and attenuating linespeed?

  rawprawn 17:02 19 Sep 2010

I suppose it is possible, but unlikely. As I said try your spare hub.Is there any crackling noises on your telephone?
Press the Ring button on the phone, when you get a line pres 1 and listen if it's qiet it should be OK.

  rawprawn 17:05 19 Sep 2010

You could also try resetting the hub to Default.

  Diemmess 17:12 19 Sep 2010

Thanks for the idea of a phone test. Glad to say its fine.

What if I press return to default? I wondered about that.
Do I then have to set it up as from new?

  mooly 17:32 19 Sep 2010

You might some info here, as I had speed issues after line was upgraded.

click here

You need to access the hub (which version have you) and first of all see what the hub is synced at. Also have a look at the hub "stats" which will show line attenuation/errors etc

  rawprawn 17:57 19 Sep 2010

Do I then have to set it up as from new?

Yes, but it's very easy.

  Diemmess 19:01 19 Sep 2010

A very able son gave me commonsense advice and help substituting the new Hub.

Exactly the same result.
We also tried new cables and moved the master telephone input (new cable)directly across the room instead of via the ceiling,
Tried other telephone points as well, and his own laptop.

Not whit different from the approx 465Kbps I have had as peak speed all day.

This problem looks more like one of BT's making.
We'll see what tomorrow brings.

  Diemmess 17:46 20 Sep 2010

I must have a screw loose
Bought this app, used it once, now want to use it to print 4 jpg files on one A4
Five sheets to the album.

How do I size/shuffle the prints to a fit?
At present all I can manage is the centre part of each filling the available space!

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