BT Broadband settings

  mrdsgs 15:14 09 Nov 2004

I am sure someone can help

I will be getting BT broadband next week and I am sure that the following settings will be provided for me, but i intend to use a d-link router to send broadband wireless to my network.

I will therefore need to know the following settings
1. PPPoA or PPPoE
2. PVC Settings: VPI (i need a number eg. 8)
VCI (i need a number eg. 35)

As I said i will probably get these through the post or set up automatically be the BT installation CD but it would be helpful to know what the correct entries should be at this stage.

thanks in advance


  pj123 16:22 09 Nov 2004

BT Broadband. Poor you. Any other BB is better than BT.

click here

  mrdsgs 19:09 09 Nov 2004


Thank you for nothing: If I wanted your biased opinion I would have asked for it.

At the last count they had well over a million broadband customers. Possibly they are all wrong and you are right.

Please either attempt to answer what I thought was a reasonable question, or allow others to.

Your pseudo-sarcastic comment is totally unnecessary and unhelpful


  Mr Mistoffelees 19:22 09 Nov 2004

Sorry, can't help with your query. However I have to say my experience of BT Broadband, since February when my local exchange was BB enabled, has been excellent. I have had a problem on only 1 day and the service has otherwise just worked. I have the 1Mbps service and consistently see 116KBps, or better, when downloading, which I do often.

  Magik ®© 19:26 09 Nov 2004

I have had BT BB since it started, only once has it gone wrong, not knowing if it was the wireless router or the line, i rang them, within a few hours they had sussed it all out and it was sorted, it was their line. and they rang back twice to see if it was still ok..BT BB might be a few pound more than some of the others. but for me it is well worth it....

  carolineann 19:32 09 Nov 2004

I to am getting bt broadband next week, so lets

both hope that we have no problems.

  Hamish 19:34 09 Nov 2004

I also have BT Broadband 1Mbps service. It has been very good and I have no complaint. I just use a USB modem but a site wich may be of some help can be found here click here

  mrdsgs 19:38 09 Nov 2004

thanks to all of the last 3 responders

I have had btinternet dial up for years and had no problems.

I am sure my questions will be solved by the automated installation but ultimately I need something more complex than the standard bt usb modem.

Hence my plan is to install the bt modem and check the line works.

Then I will copy the settings unless anyone can tell me them PLEASE, and then replace the bt modem with a d-link combined modem/router/wireless access point and set it manually if necessary.

any other advice about the settings.


Let me know by e-mail if you get stuck and if you don't!!, hopefully we will both be fine, mine comes on Thursday 18th all being well

regards and thanks


  John Ross 19:43 09 Nov 2004

Out of interest, what does BT mean by this wonderful term for BTBroadband?
I cannot find anything except some sad FAQs and very basic "open the box, put the bits together and switch on" type instructions.
Is there a mythical mystic web page somehwere that you have to go on a quest to discover to get what most of us would call onlone support? i.e. someone answering your queries at some point in the forseeable future?

  Hamish 19:44 09 Nov 2004

Another good site for information is click here

Good luck but I do not think you will need luck with BT

  mrdsgs 20:01 09 Nov 2004


thanks all but pj123, especially Hamish, your link gave me the answers eventually.

Fora manual bt install without using the bt modem and installation cd the key settings/variables are:

PPPoA, VPI=0, VCI=38

thanks again

ticked as resolved


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