BT broadband queerie?

  Stowit 16:12 19 Jun 2004

The BB advertised on tv at £20 per month is limited to 1gb of info downloaded pm. I currently have 'classic' BB that's unlimited (£30pm). My question is, what does 1gb translate to in real terms of use. I mainly 'surf' get some music, email etc. Can I save £10pm? exceed your quota & you're billed a lot!

  reaths 17:23 19 Jun 2004

1gb is roughly 20 albums in mp3 format so how much music do you download,

  ste_bla 17:45 19 Jun 2004

well i just go on a few sites (not lot of pics) and manage 30-35mb an hour so that would mean 29 hours a month so an hour a day!

Also is the 1gb; 1024mb or 1000mb?

Why not spend an hour doing usual activities then look at the connection details and see how much you used?

  carver 17:52 19 Jun 2004

1GB a month works out at about 32 MB a day, that means you can have about 6 minutes of connection a day at full speed, not a lot.

  Agent Smith 18:03 19 Jun 2004

I'd be happy just to get BB. My neighbour who lives a hundred yards away can get it but doesn't want it but BT say I'm too far from exchange.

  The Kestrel 18:07 19 Jun 2004

Pipex 1GB service allows you to buy an extra GB, if you run out during the month, for £1.95. This is still a lot less than your £30 permonth.

  Stowit 22:48 19 Jun 2004

Thanks, I probably top 1 hr a day just browseing. Apparantly they charge £4 per download over the 1 gb. I don't understand that either! but I'm sure I exceed the 1 gb now. So I'd be daft to indulge. If it was £4 per extra gb that would be ok. 3gb would surely exceed my use & cost £28, most months may be less than that. When my 12 months are up, I'll see what else is available.

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