BT Broadband Problems

  GlandularBeaver 10:49 10 Jul 2006

Hi Guys & Gals .....

As I'm a complete novice with these sort of things I'll do my best write it down clearly...

Exactly 2 weeks ago today my BT line was upgraded from 2Mb - 8Mb.Up untill I upgraded I never had harldy any problems.When I upgraded, I was told by BT for upto 10 days I might get random dissconnections while they speed test the line to get the best possile speed.But it's been well over the time and on average I'm geting dissconnected 3 or 4 times a day and its completely random..

I've been on the phone to BT alot of times and they have said there is no problem with the line, or modem so I'm at a complete loss.

All I do know is when I get dissconnected the DSL and ETHERNET light on the modem flash like mad, then after no-more than 10 seconds it stops flashing and I can connect again...

My Modem/Router is a ...

BT Voyager 2091 Wireless ADSL Router...

Any help would be very much appreciated..

  johnnyrocker 10:52 10 Jul 2006

a house visit by bt would seem in order as it seems like possible loose wiring connections


  spuds 11:14 10 Jul 2006

I had similar problems, which turned out to be corroded terminals in a BT box. Initially BT stated that their line checks were perfect, but it took two engineers, and two visits before they did anything!.

Check the boxes and wire yourself (if possible). Then do an automatic line check via BT faults. You could also try 170170 then press 2 for a quiet line check.

  Graham ® 11:36 10 Jul 2006

Take off the front lower panel of the BT Master socket and connect the router to the socket inside. This will disconnect all extension wiring whilst you test for disconnections.

8Mb is more sensitive to extension wiring.

  GlandularBeaver 15:14 10 Jul 2006

Thanks for all your replies people...

The weird thing is I've been using the computer most of the day so far and my wife has been playing on xbox live for the last 4 hours and we havent had 1 problem.

Dont know if this makes a difference but thinking back all my problems have been after 8pm of a night, really strange?...

  Dipso 21:58 10 Jul 2006

Yes it is common for lines to be affected by interference from different sources at night.

I would suggest you check out your line stats.

From the web interface click here

Click Advanced
> Status
> ADSL Line
> More Information

Find out the speed your line syncs at and your downstream SNR and attenuation. Compare them pre and post 8pm and look for noticeable changes. If the SNR figure drops below 6db it could be the cause of your disconnections.

  GlandularBeaver 09:10 11 Jul 2006

have checked my line using the link and I am getting alot more line noise after 8pm which is causing 'HEC' errors and lagging me out...

Only problem I have now is how do I gt the noise down?..

Thanks for all your replies people, been much appreciated..

  Graham ® 09:19 11 Jul 2006

Possible sources of interference are street lighting, neon signs, taxi radios, etc. You will be especially prone if your line is fed by overhead wire.

If necessary, BT would fit a radio filter in the Master Socket.

  Dipso 09:21 11 Jul 2006 do I gt the noise down?

You could try it from another angle first. click here

If you follow this and manage to squeeze a bit more SNR out of your line you may have more of a buffer and so help to prevent disconnections.

Do you have a decent filter, is everything filtered that should be? A filter that worked fine for up to 2 Meg may prove inadequate for up to 8 Meg as I found out.

There is a method of stabilising your line to prevent errors called interleave but this should be turned on by the BT monitoring kit if it feels it is necessary. Even though you are beyond the 10 day training, you may find that this could happen.

  Stuartli 09:39 11 Jul 2006

The problems involved in discovering interference is illustrated by the fact we've been plagued by intermittent and very irritating noise levels on both FM and AM radio in recent months, both day and night.

The other day my wife asked me to change the longlife economy bulb on the top landing as it was causing continuous interference on her small portable radio.

I changed the bulb, one of the older types, with a more recent Philips equivalent and, since then, all the radio interference has completely disappeared..:-)

It was rarely switched on during the day but clearly still caused interference.

It's obviously a common problem too, as there have been letters in the local newspaper on the subject.

Incidentally the longlife economy bulbs have been on sale at Morrisons for some time now at 99p each on a BOGOF basis (part of a government initiative with the energy companies).

So, at just 49p each, we've built up a large stock of these bulbs in various wattages as at least two are switched on permanently overnight.

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