BT Broadband and phone line..

  salsarocks 21:10 06 May 2006

Hi guys.

I just installed BT Broadband and it's just working fine. However, when i pick the phone handset there is no dialling tone. It seems that the line is dead.

I am using the microfilters but jsut for the sake of it, I tried to plug the phone straight to the wall but with no luck either. There was no tone at all either.

Do you have any idea as to what the problem might be?

  Mad Mick 21:17 06 May 2006

Report a line fault on the BT website or by diallin 150 from a friend's or neighbours phone.

  Mad Mick 21:17 06 May 2006

Report a line fault on the BT website or by diallin 150 from a friend's or neighbours phone.

  Mad Mick 21:18 06 May 2006

Diallin should be dialling.

  bythor 21:23 06 May 2006

Just out of interest - have you plugged in only one filter? I also put one in my spare room extension and ended up with similar symptoms to yours.

  €dstowe 21:29 06 May 2006

a phone will not work on an ADSL equipped line without a filter.

Remember the filter is for the phone component of the line, not the ADSL part.

Each piece of phone equipment must be fitted with a filter between it and the line into the property. The ADSL must connect direct to the line and not have a filter.

  Stuartli 21:54 06 May 2006

My Tiscali modem's 10m ADSL data cable goes directly to the Master Socket, where it is plugged into a splitter alongside the main phone's cable.

I get the full speed available i.e. 1MB.

  salsarocks 22:12 06 May 2006

that's my topology:

wall ------- filter -------phone
| -------DSL router

normally, if i plug in the phone to the wall socket without the microfilter and without the router either, should i expect to listen to the dialling tone or not? at the moment I hear nothing, even when i plug it directly to the wall.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:13 06 May 2006

If you have one of these a microfilter is not required, for us lesser mortals a microfilter is "de-riguer"
click here

  salsarocks 22:13 06 May 2006

(sorry the design was messed: wall --> filter --> splits into DSL and phone

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:17 06 May 2006

with just the phone you should hear a dial tone. Have you got a spare phone to check that the handset that is silent is not at fault. How many extensions do you have?.

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