BT Broadband not connecting

  Newuser3605 18:49 08 Nov 2005

I have been very happy with the above for the last three weeks but today it wouldn't connect. It says error 721 which means nothing to me. It recommends telephoning its 50 pence a minute helpline.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?

  ACOLYTE 18:53 08 Nov 2005

Have a look through this see if anything looks similar click here

  LivEviL 19:27 08 Nov 2005

first of all check your modem - if u have a speedtouch modem check it has both the green LEDS are still and not flashing, if the right on is flashing it means there isnt a internet connection test all you connections and down power the modem and then re-power it! secondly i am on bt broadband and i know that my user name used to be [email protected] but now it has changed to your email address so [email protected], also i know bt are good at screwing up the fee for using there ISP as i have found first hand they will not take your money no matter how many times u tell them to do it! so check that they have taken your money(the correct amounyt mind)for the month just gone as they dont warn u only via email and if u dont check that email address u wont know, also u have to log in with you main user email atleast once a month other wise they see u as unused and cut off ur access. i hope that is of any help

  p;3 23:24 09 Nov 2005

may I please refer you to this thread click here
in which I believe you will find that the information given by LivEvil regarding connecting to Btinternet and having to log in and read mails on server to keep the adress is actually inaccurate; this I understand applies to the yahoo addresses, of which I have one and have not logged into IT for some months, so have probably lost it; but not to btinternet addresses;please read the comments on that thread; thanks

I know that BT have "gone btyahoo " just to annoy us; but it is different from Yahoo and could be confused with it:)

  the pie eater 11:17 10 Nov 2005

I have been with btbroadband for years with no problems whar so ever it may seem a silly question but do you have fillters on every phone line in the house? right click on the double green arrows and run the program to see if it is the phone line or the modem or even the interface. you dont need a password to run the test just leave username and password black and run the tests good luck.

  Stuartli 11:24 10 Nov 2005

Error 650 / 721

This error normally indicates that the broadband signal to the modem has been interrupted either from the local exchange or within your property.

In order to resolve this in the first instance, shut down your computer and leave it off for about 30 seconds. Then restart your computer and try to reconnect.

If you have a firewall installed on your computer such as Norton or Zone Alarms, disable the firewall to test that it is not preventing connection. If you manage to connect with the firewall disabled this indicates that you need to configure your firewall appropriately.

* Try recreating your dial up connection.

If this does not resolve your problem then check to see if there is a service outage at your local exchange

  Salop Hatter 14:08 10 Nov 2005

Stuartli: I noticed in another forum that you are running Tiscali BB with an ADSL data lead to your modem; I'm about to do the same - I've got the modem, telephone and Sky connection to hook up and wondered if you could confirm i've got the sequencing right: primary phone socket - filter - RJ11 from ADSL socket on filter to modem - 2-way adaptor into phone socket on filter, from which telephone and Sky connections. Does that make sense? I've been getting the 'insufficient bandwidth' error message and think the problem may be that I've been using a normal extension cable rather than the RJ11. Anyway, thanks in advance for your advice. Kev

  Newuser3605 20:34 10 Nov 2005

Many thanks to all except Salop Hatter.
I tried all the above plus other advice including that of the BT support. Nothing worked. I tried to uninstall and reinstall only to find that the BT disk no longer worked.It seems like madness to spend hours trying to sort out problems which definitely are not of my making.
I am going to ask BT for my money back ( Trades Description Act)and I will try another broadband provider. As mentioned, it was great while it lasted and thanks again.

  p;3 23:40 10 Nov 2005

Salop hatter ; suggest you start your own thread?
and Newuser3605
another thought; when you power up; do you get yout two green arrows to say you have a modem ready for use? and what happens when you click on the green arrows? ?are you sure your phone line is valid; ?

  Salop Hatter 10:08 11 Nov 2005

Apologies - first time I've ever used this forum and uncertain of conventions. Point taken.

  Newuser3605 21:02 11 Nov 2005

Thanks again.
Someone might be interested in my experience.
I contacted the Broadband local-rate charge line 0870 240 4650, where I was advised change my Connection settings to
[email protected]
leaving the password section blank.
This I did with the same result i.e. 721 Error. It then went on to a line test, which said:

Well known Server Connectivity Test
7. Test # I Fail
8. Test # 2 Fail
56. Primary Server ping test Fail
65. Voyager modem synchronised .PPP session failed or terminated.
All of which, I presume, means a dodgy Broadband connection as my telephone line is working fine, as is the dial-up modem.
It still isn't working but I've got fed-up with it and will try telephoning again tomorrow.

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