BT Broadband and McAfee

  Newuser939 10:03 28 Apr 2009

I have BT Broadband, and until recently Norton protection was available free. That has now been replaced with McAfee. I have downloaded and installed McAfee, but most mornings, about 10 minutes after I have booted up, it tells me that I am not fully protected, mainly because real time protection is not switched on. I allow it to fix itself, which it does, but then the same thing happens all over again either the next day or the day after that. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but it is exactly the same. Is anyone else having the same problem. Is it easily sorted, or should I simply change to AVG or Avast?

  Newuser939 13:35 28 Apr 2009

Thank you for that suggestion. In theory, removing Norton was the first thing the McAfee installation program did. However, I have now run the Norton removal tool which did seem to find various bits and pieces to do, so I will see over the next few days whether that makes a difference.

  Newuser939 11:08 30 Apr 2009

Having messed about for a few days, I now know what is happening, but not why. It seems that whenever the program updates itself (which by default it is set to do automatically), as well as causing all other open programs to hang (I get the "Not Responding" message), it resets itself so that real time protection is switched off and I have to switch it back on manually. Unless there is a solution to this, it is more trouble than it is worth and I shall be switching to Avast.

  jakbiker 21:46 30 Apr 2009

oh why did they leave Nortons. Uninstalled system works and used nortons removal tool...because I know that if you dont you get probs.
downloaded bt macoffee and that what I got...first the symbol for the loudspeaker in the taskbar is missing next they symbol for safely removing plug in usb thingys has vanished. err now when i click on mac coffe i see that the internet and network requires attention....which directs me to a bt site.

Oh am really fed up with this lot...with nortons i could protect my credit card numbers manually with mac coffee have searched and searched to do this

suppose i will have to phone bt india and let em do it for me

My next computer will be a Mac

  alexartox 05:55 01 May 2009

Anyone tried NOD32? I love it.

Low resources consumption and work fast!

  jakbiker 11:29 01 May 2009

uninstalled and reinstalled still the same went to bt help they took control just did what I had done and this time it installed correctly.
I should just have carried on uninstalling until it worked

all fine now

  Newuser939 11:42 01 May 2009

That's interesting. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it made no difference. I'm afraid that I have given up now and installed Avast which seems to be working very smoothly and unobtrusively.

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