BT Broadband ISP configuration info

  earthlover 11:13 17 Jul 2008

I am using BT Broadband via a wired modem at the moment but I want to set up wirelessly using a Netgear DG834Gv3 router that was given, but I have no set-up disc so will have to do it manually.

Anyway I need to get the BT Broadband ISP configuration info. I cannot get through on the BT Broadband Help phoneline. Does anyone know the configuration details for BT Broadband?

I am not knowledgable so please don't blind me with tech talk when replying.

Thanks for all help offered.

  ambra4 12:44 17 Jul 2008

“I have no set-up disc so will have to do it manually”

It always best to set up the router manually as the cd don’t always work correct

Normal ASDL Modem Setting via The Phone Line

Connection Type = PPPoA

Encapsulation Method: VCMUX

VPI: 0

VCI: 38

Authentication: Auto

Keep Alive: On

User Idle Timeout: 3420


Firewall: On

QoS: On

User Name & Password that you presently use to access your ISP service

Log out and check you can access the Internet

Wireless has nothing to do with BT configuration, once you can access the Internet you have to
access the router and enable the wireless system on the router

You now have to set-up the Wireless Network Name the SSID address on the router first

By default some wireless router come set-up with the manufacture name as the SSID address 3Com, Linksys, Belkin etc,

Change the SSID address to a name you want to give your Wireless Network, 452john06 /
ezyclip01 etc which would allow you to easily identify your network when you scan for available
wireless network

You should also change the Wireless Channel # the default is normally Channel 11 which most persons uses so change it to 8/9 this will save you having interferences and low signal quality from other network close by using channel 11

Write it down; or save on a flash drive as the same SSID name, Channel # and Security Code must be used on All wireless device when setting then up to access your wireless system

You do not have to set-up the security system as yet

Save the setting and log out of router, make sure that you can access the router vie the wireless device and browse the Internet first, if you get it wrong the router will not allow the wireless device to connect to the wireless system or allow access to the Internet

Laptop Wireless Device Setting

Most laptop computer these days comes with a building wireless card; some required you to switch on the Wireless Radio Antenna via a small slide switch on the laptop

Or using the FN (Function) key you have to hold down the FN key and press the key with a small antenna icon to turn on the wireless card Antenna

Check that the wireless card is Enable/Disable from inside the Network Connection Area

Start-Setting-Network Connection-Right click-Wireless Area Connection-Enable or Disable as required

Some times you have to Disable and Enable before the card will connect to the wireless system

If not sure if laptop have a antenna switch check the manual PC layout quick guide

Check out these site before you set-up the wireless system could save you a lot of time and headache.

click here

click here

  earthlover 14:24 17 Jul 2008

Thanks to 'Ambra 4' for a very comprehensive reply. Before I go any further I need to explain that since my posting I managed to get through to BT and they tried to connect me wirelessly but failed. This has happened befor with AOL using two different routers and now with BT. I saw Ambra 4"s reply and went on the Microsoft site where I read about needing a Wireless Network Adapter. This prompted me to look at what had been fitted to my computer. I see that a D-Link Fast Ethernet DFE-530TX PCI is fitted. I called D-Link and they said that's no good for wireless which may well explain why two different routers and two different ISPs have had no luck in connecting me wirelessly. The annoying thing is that if this is correct, I paid a so-called expert to fit this and then paid for his time while he tried for three hours to connect me (50 quid in total). Now I have to get a new adapter and pay to have that fitted. Am I right in thinking that I need a wireless adapter to use a wireless router? Can the other
ethernet adapter stay in place?

  ambra4 15:18 17 Jul 2008

“D-Link Fast Ethernet DFE-530TX PCI is fitted”

DFE-530TX PCI is a Ethernet card (Also called a Lan Card) that connect a Ethernet

cable to the modem or router Ethernet port and not a wireless adapter

“I paid a so-called expert to fit this and then paid for his time while he tried for three hours to connect me (50 quid in total)”

There is computers expert and people who thing they are computer experts the

installation of the Lan card should not have taken more than 30 min

What you need is a USB Wireless Adapter

Sample of type required

click here&

‘Can the other Ethernet adapter stay in place?”

Yes, as you need it to access the router and set up the wireless system

  earthlover 15:38 17 Jul 2008

Following on from my last message:

If my computer is connected to my wireless router by a cable from the Ethernet PCI should it still work, or do they HAVE to be connected by a WIRELESS adapter? I thought as long as the two were connected it didnt matter. Help please, I'm now very confused!

  earthlover 15:48 17 Jul 2008


I read your last message after posting mine.

So, do I need both the Ethernet card connecting my PC to the router AND a wireless adapter in order to go wireless? Or do I only need the Wireless adapter?

Also my computer is about 6 years old and does not have USB 2.0. If I bought a USB 2.0 adapter would it work ok?

  ambra4 16:39 17 Jul 2008

Any special reason that you want to go wireless as you can connect via the Ethernet port

and it will work a lot better than a wireless adapter which can be a pain at times

A LAN card will connect to the router 100Mbps where the wireless will only connect at


First lets get the lan card working and we will than talk about wireless this is what you

need to do
click here

And just follow the instruction on how to set up the LAN card and the computer network

  earthlover 17:02 17 Jul 2008

Some family menbers want to be able to use internet on a laptop in other rooms.
I wonder whether our problem with wireless connection attempts always failing is maybe because of the telephone wiring in our house.
We had the main phone socket downstairs disabled and use a socket upstairs as the main socket now. BT did this for us because we have our computer in a small bedroom which we use as an office. They checked our line but can't find anything wrong with it, but when you read the instructions for routers they always say to connect to the main socket which is nearest where the phone line enters the house. I can't think of any other reason why it would not work.

  earthlover 17:04 17 Jul 2008

I don't need the desktop PC to be wireless. I think I have been confusing you. Sorry!

We just want the wireless for other laptop to use downstairs.

  ambra4 17:58 17 Jul 2008

Ok now have an idea on your needs, if BT installed the extension cable from the main box

than I don’t see there being a problem with your broadband service

As I said you have to set up the lan card first, once that is done you can than access the

router and change the router setting to allow the desktop and the wireless access to the


Once you have set up the lan card and the network on the computer reboot the computer

Once the reboot is completed open up your web browser IE / Firefox and enter the code

to access the router check the router manual, once your have access to the router click the

Quick Setup / Set up Wizard button and enter the following information

Connection Type = PPPoA

Encapsulation Method: VCMUX

VPI: 0

VCI: 38

Authentication: Auto

Keep Alive: On

User Idle Timeout: 3420


Firewall: On

QoS: On

Username and Password: That you use to connect to your present ISP

Just follow the instruction if some of the items listed above do not appear do not worry as all routers setting

are listed difference

You need to Save / Apply setting and reboot the router, wait until all the lights are on and than see if you can access the internet

You must do thing in order other wise you will get so confused that you could be pulling your hair out

  ambra4 18:10 17 Jul 2008

To connect the router to the BT modem this is what you have to

Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the lan card on the computer and connect to the Wan port on the router

Using a second ethernet cable connect it to port 1 on the router and the lan card on the computer

Power up the router wait until the lights are steady and try to access the router via your browser

If you cannot access the router there is a reset button on the router that you need to reset by pressing using a

small tip pen or paper clip for about 30 second, the router will reset and reboot wait until all the light ard

steady and try again

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