BT broadband internet speeds

  piggy 17:51 29 Oct 2009

BT broadband internet speeds , can i run this by you all , Dowwnstream rate 224 Kbps , up stream 448 Kbps and keeps dropping out every 10 mins any thoughts


  Rayle 17:55 29 Oct 2009

The best place to ask is the BT Forum

click here

  RobCharles1981 18:26 29 Oct 2009

The Best Place For ISP Support is DSLZoneuk

click here

Assuming your on the BT Home Hub can you post your line stats from it please?

Follow the instructions from this link:

click here

  rawprawn 18:26 29 Oct 2009

Mine have dropped from around 6.3 MB to about 2.3MB, I hope this is a BT glitch.
Area, West Yorkshire.

  mooly 18:41 29 Oct 2009

Just checked mine ( BT Broadband and original style HHub

Download 6.3Mb
Upload 0.36Mb
Ping 58ms

Always seem remarkably consistent such as evening as of now, or 6.30am, always similar results.

  rawprawn 19:36 29 Oct 2009

Now showing 8.9mb Download
3.7 Upload
Big turnaround, I am normally steady at 6.3 to 6.7 mb download

  piggy 20:16 29 Oct 2009

awww common guys mega bites , I can only dream .connection not on long enough to get on to bt forum


  ACOLYTE 03:04 30 Oct 2009

BT broadband Imo,is the worst ISP there is for BB packages,there help service is crap and there prices are way overpriced for what they offer,shop around you will find plenty of other packages a lot cheaper than BT with better connection,speed and service.

  Input Overload 09:05 30 Oct 2009

If you already have Sky TV you wont go far wrong with their broadband. A friend changed over to Sky from BT & had a dramatic speed increase. I used Sky for a couple of years after using ZEN who are one of the best but noted no disadvantages with Sky.

  john bunyan 11:27 30 Oct 2009

I had recent problems with another ISP. I suggest that you first check what your actual line / exchange is capable of. I did this by going to a rival web site ( I used Zen) and putting post code in to relevant check box. In my case the exchange is not ADSL2 enabled and max download is 6.5 Mbps. I was getting about 5 Mbps in Aug, it dropped to 0.8 in Sept. After a lot of hassle the ISP got on to BT and they did something in the system such that I now am back to 4 to 6 Mbps. I would have changed to Zen (albeit a bit expensive) as they offer a one month rolling contract. It sounds as if you may have a line fault but the ISP should be able to check this for you. Finally, I changed my modem/ router and am still not sure if this was a factor. I use to check speeds.

  john bunyan 11:29 30 Oct 2009

I assume you have gone through the procedure of plugging your modem (with filter) into the BT test socket to eliminate any issues in your house telephone wiring?

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