BT broadband & Internet Connection Sharing

  splatterpuss 16:17 20 Jul 2004

Just got BT broadband with the BT Voyager 105 ADSL modem. I've got it all set up and running fine on the host pc. However, when I go to set up internet connection sharing, I can't see the modem in the list of devices that connect to the internet. Everwhere I've looked so far says that if it's not there, it's not installed... it IS damnit! Otherwise I wouldn't be connecting to the internet right now.

Anyone know how to sort this? I'm sure hundreds of others are sharing a connection on BT broadband.


  johnsims 16:22 20 Jul 2004

This may not be the answer you want, but if I was you I'd lash out on a combined ADSL Modem/Router of the Ethernet variety. Simple installation and no need to have PC 1 on so PC 2 can connect to Web. Also has hardware firewall built in (NAT and or Stateful Packet Inpection) so can dump Zone Alarm etc.
Much better, quicker runiing, simpler, safer setup.

  phaeton 16:49 20 Jul 2004

just set thte preferences on the machine with the modem to permit access to the internet by other machines on the network then in their preferences do the opposite.
we had it set up that way for over a year with a p2p wireless network and a 105
it broke one day (outside 12 months!) so we now have a modem/router and each machine has it's own connection - 1 through ethernet and the other through USB

  splatterpuss 17:01 20 Jul 2004

It doesn't seem to work like that. When you go to allow access o the internet by other machines, it asks what device accesses the internet. This is where it lists my devices but doesn't include the modem. I've tried all the devices listed and it still won't work on the client pc. I've set up connection sharing before with no problems, but this time it's different. I have managed to find a few more places that don't just say I've set it up wrong, and they agree with #2, saying I need to buy a router/modem/switch combo.

  splatterpuss 17:02 20 Jul 2004

Forgot to add, I'm running win98 on this machine.

  splatterpuss 17:32 20 Jul 2004

Well, it appears it's not possible to share BT Broadband basic with other computers unless going for the router/modem option, or paying $5 a month extra for the package that allows it.

  jimmer409® 20:03 20 Jul 2004

don't really understand the base question, sharing with whom, a neighbor, another computer of your own, what, sounds to me like you need a network?? please clearify.

  splatterpuss 20:58 21 Jul 2004

sorry for the delay jimmer:
4 PCs at home with Windows XP, 2000 and 98SE. The last is the PC I wanted to use to be permanently connected to the Internet with others connecting through it.

  jimmer409® 05:32 22 Jul 2004

unless all the computers are in the same room the best way to get them all on the net is to buy a wireless adsl router with built in modem, a wireless pci card for each computer install all and away you go see click here

  splatterpuss 20:58 23 Jul 2004

thanks jimmer and everyone. wireless cards on route.

  gottman 08:25 27 Jul 2004

I have three computers hooked up to BT broadband via a Belkin 5 port switch box works fine. Bought a SOHO kit for £40 switch box two PCI cards two 8m cables. One computer even upstairs.
Might go wireless later.

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