bt broadband hell

  SOUNDFADER 13:12 04 Jun 2009

well i thought i'd write in and tell you of my experience with bt broadbrand, i had decided to sign up with bt broadband with home hub etc, so i rang them and said i wanted option three up to 8mb unlimited use, so booked in a time for line to be put in, a day later got the hub and phone, plugged it in, installed all the software etc, up to this point i was expecting the promised high speed broadband that bt boast about. however after doing three different tests on the connection at three different times of the day i was let down badly, the actual best speed i got was1.76mb download and 274k upload, this was no way good enough for my xbox and laptop etc, so i rang bt and complained they insisted i knew the speeds before install but i said thats not possible as you need a bt line to check for estimated speeds which i didnt have. after 45 mins arguing technical issues with a team leader and supervisor i finally got them to cancel the whole thing. basically if you live more than a mile from your local bt exchange dont bother having bt broadbrand its rubbish, and you'll end up being driven mad by bt staff. bt are supposed to be the leader in the uk for telecommunications but trust me they are far from it. i since have joined virgin got cable broadband great speeds im on 50mb connection i now get 45.6mb download and 2.3mb upload, now all my friends let me host all xboxgames. virgin you are awesome and deliver a great product....

  Clapton is God 13:18 04 Jun 2009

"if you live more than a mile from your local bt exchange dont bother having bt broadbrand its rubbish"

Which, in fact, could apply to any ISP down a copper wire, depending:

* the state of that wire
* local contention ratios
* whether or not the ISP has its' own equipment in the local exchange
* note also, that BT promised you "up to" 8mbps - as do all copper-based ISPs

  Giggle n' Bits 13:24 04 Jun 2009

you have take into consideration of your internal phone wiring straight to the router, temp phone ext and adapters are useless for broadband as the wire is not suited for Broadband.

  SOUNDFADER 13:32 04 Jun 2009

thanks for your response all people using an isp such as talk talk etc are still using a bt line, the same rule applies to these as well, if you live any distant from exchange your gonna get slow speeds, get your connection controlled for fair usage, companies shouldnt promise high speeds when they know they cant deliver, they know that distance is an issue, they also know line noise is an issue. i think these companies should be forced to be more open about realistic speeds etc and not be allowed to offer speeds that they know wont be reachable, its not just bt but all isp's using atelephone line to provide broadband, its about time they printed a national table of speeds showing the areas people live in and realistic expected speeds. not these farsical high speeds they advertise....

  SOUNDFADER 13:43 04 Jun 2009

i think it's all a really bad monopoly of corporate stupidity controlling a major telecommunications system in the uk. i honestly think that oftel should be making these companies follow stricter legislation and wording of advertisements and products offered. virgin are steps ahead of bt and they know it, virgin are providing dedicated broadband very well, not to mention fibre optic cabling on a lot of their network. its about time that these issues were addressed properly and companies advertising speeds that are never going to be reachable should be brought to book.

  Clapton is God 13:55 04 Jun 2009

"people using an isp such as talk talk etc are still using a bt line"

Not so. My ISP is Tiscali (now part of TalkTalk) and I pay my line rental to them. So, if anything goes wrong with my line, it's up to Tiscali to repair it.

"companies shouldnt promise high speeds when they know they cant deliver"

As I've already pointed out, ISPs don't "promise" anything. The crucial phrase is 'up to'.

"its not just bt but all isp's using atelephone line to provide broadband"

Er, I've already said that in my first post.

  SOUNDFADER 14:10 04 Jun 2009

hi there clapton is god, you really dont know much about isp's do you, you pay talk talk for your broadband the actual mainframe telecommunications is owned by bt, the isp rents from them thats why you get charged line rental. any isp is obliged to provide its customers with a service so yes they deal with bt for any repairs to individual lines etc.

  tullie 14:15 04 Jun 2009

So come on then,give us your experience of isps.

  Clapton is God 14:17 04 Jun 2009

"you really dont know much about isp's do you"

Don't be so damned facetious.

Given the 'mistake' you made by signing up for a copper-based ISP and then regretting your error, you're hardly an expert are you?

And then in your second and third posts you simply regurgitated all the points that Chips~&~Bytes and I had already made!!

  SOUNDFADER 15:17 04 Jun 2009

well i obviously have more knowedge than you about isp's, i have been with five different providers overall and the service hasnt been great i build and sell pc's as a job, and repair them, if your happy with cheap slow broadband then stick with your isp, all i know is that there is still a lot more work to be done in the telecommunications business to provide a real genuine service to customers, ohh and if your in any doubt as to service from isp's do a google search on bt complaints etc you'll soon see what i am talking about is real.

  Cymro. 15:20 04 Jun 2009

Comparing Virgin Cable Broadband with BT copper wire is not comparing like with like so I wonder who it is that knows the most about this problem certainly not you SOUNDFADER.

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