bt broadband gone fron 2.2 to 576 why?

  frankie 15:32 19 Sep 2005

bt broadband gone fron 2.2 to 576 why?..phoned them they done a line check all ok said to give it a few days see if it comes back? huh i mean....i havent gone over usage so thats ok it was fine last on xp pro..all help appreciated

  €dstowe 15:37 19 Sep 2005

That happened to me at home over the weekend.

It was back to normal after about two hours so it migh be just a glitch.

  frankie 17:56 19 Sep 2005


  frankie 22:32 19 Sep 2005


  frankie 19:40 20 Sep 2005


  frankie 12:41 22 Sep 2005

any settings on pc may have changed?have reloaded its the same

  frankie 14:42 24 Sep 2005


  ACOLYTE 14:46 24 Sep 2005

I am on BT and mine is still 2.2 so i would get back on to BT help they may be able to offer more advice.I would also point out that if you are paying for 2 meg BB you expect to get that and its there job to supply a 2 meg connection,simply saying "give it a few day see if it comes back" is not exceptable.

  frankie 21:11 27 Sep 2005

cheers came back on today,no explanation from engineers,will chase them up and find out why and claim comp if i can

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